EW’s egregious error, or Oscars are fine, but give me my dwarf


I just got around to looking at my copy of Entertainment Weekly. And I definitely have a bone to pick with you, EW. Those multiple covers for print subscribers you had apparently stopped doing?

Well, I see it’s back for the Oscar preview issue. Hey, Jessica and Daniel and Quvenzhane look great in their portraits along with Mr. Oscar himself on the front.  Best of luck to all of them.

But, why, oh why, couldn’t you have done the same blessed thing with the special Hobbit issue, pray tell? Instead I got stuck with a slightly constipated-looking Gandalf.

I love Sir Ian, don’t get me wrong–but it was the fierce warrior dwarf with the fire in his belly, wielding his mighty sword that I really, really wanted.

Did you get a lot of complaints about that egregious error, I wonder? Perhaps that is why you went back to the multiple cover special issues for those of us who still shell out bucks to read you the old-fashioned way . . .  all I can say is this. Assuming you DO another special issue for the second movie, I am expecting to get my multiple covers and one of them better feature Thorin.


Otherwise, I will be forced to unleash these guys on you. And they don’t mess around on mission. I’m just sayin’ . . .




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  1. I would be firing off a furious letter to their editorial page at this point. Yeah, unleashing the lads — now that’s a threat. We have seen what the Ultimate ChaRActer Force can do!

  2. You know I’m adding my voice to this, Angie! I was so disappointed to check my mail that day and see I’d only received a Bilbo cover. Hopefully they’ll get their act in gear for any covers featuring The Desolation of Smaug.

    • I just knew when I was walking out to the mailbox it wasn’t going to be a happy result, once I had talked with other subscribers. I don’t remember anybody I knew actually getting the Thorin cover. I certainly hope they change their tune.

  3. I can see Little Thorin leading the feline AAAs, a ferocious force if there ever was one, tooth and claw at the ready. It took Servetus to give them the battle cry, “We are the Armikitty!”

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