RA in the Scottish Play: Video Clips


You may recall Richard mentioning when he spoke to the press at the Japanese premiere of The Hobbit that he’d already traveled to Tokyo. He first visited the city as part of an RSC touring company of Macbeth, performing the role of Angus during portions of 1999-2000.

The production, starring Antony Sher and Harriet Walter, was filmed for television at the Round House in London. Someone put together all the scenes with Richard into a video. Thought you might enjoy seeing a younger version of Bearded Richard (doesn’t he rock a beret? Angus, Ian, John Porter. Love it.) treading the boards in the Scottish play. Even with the “dirty” face, he’s quite fetching.  The intensity of those eyes. And, of course, there’s that voice . . .richard05


In 2005, Richard would play Peter Macduff in the BBC’s Shakespeare Retold:Macbeth and turn in another fine performance. James MacAvoy (who is about to perform in the lead role of Macbeth in London) and Keeley Hawes played the ambitious Macbeths.

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  1. Your eye is drawn to him, even when he’s not speaking. Hard to believe that this was 13 years ago. No wonder how proud he was when he did the press conference at the Tokyo premiere, to return in triumph.

    • Yes, there is, as has been said by those who work with him, something commanding in his presence, even in his stillness, that draws the eye. It had to be such an exciting and exhilarating moment to return as part of a hugely anticipated blockbuster and in a plum role. I am so very proud of him and for him.

  2. He certainly has an amazing presence you just cannot ignore and it’s not just his height. This is a great example of the comment Peter Jackson made about him. He carries himself with a grandeur that became even more noticeable in his role as Thorin. He never ceases to amaze me with his versatility as an actor. I get quite emotional just thinking about it.

    • He’s so richly blessed with a multitude of talents, and unlike some, he hasn’t wasted them. Nor has it let it all go to his head. It’s not hard to find things to respect and admire and adore about him.

  3. To my knowledge it had never been available on DVD but it sometimes appears on Sky Arts here in the UK my friend recorded it for me so I have a copy, illegal I suppose. I think it is a good telling of the story even for those who don’t usually like Shakespeare because it has a contemporary feel. I think some of the ‘dirt’ is camouflage.

    • Yeah, apparently it was never released in DVD form (shame, I am sure RA fans would snap it up). I am glad I ran across this video. compilation. And I should have mentioned the camo makeup, as they are obviously in more contemporary military attire (which quite suits Mr. A).

  4. Wow, thnx for sharing! The voice esp. gives RA the advantage, even though he’s in a lil group of Macbeth’s men. As for the dirt, didn’t he say that “I quite like being dirty?” LOL!

    • You are welcome, and welcome to the blog! His distinctive voice, his height, all part of that commanding presence of his. And yes, he’s said grubby and grungy suits him very well. I have to say, I have never seen a man who looked better dirty and sweaty or who cleaned up more beautifully. 😉 Very versatile. 😀

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