Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Armitage in earlier roles


Poor Benny has a sore back from helping his cousin move furniture from his late uncle’s apartment yesterday, so I volunteered my new heating pad. Gotta look out for my best beau. For some reason that Beatles song popped into my head: “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?”


Had a short night’s sleep, dreaming about, amongst other things, snakes. *shudder* I made the mistake of watching Dominic Monaghan‘s Wild Things on BBCA. Dominic is charming and truly enthusiastic about “wild things,” and it’s an interesting nature adventure show.


Have I ever mentioned I have a thing about snakes ever since my dad was bitten by a rattler when I was a little girl? Or the time in my childhood my sister and I spotted a snake in the house which we never found and I was afraid to go to sleep because it might wriggle up under my covers? Not to mention the bad-guy snakes in “The Jungle Book,” “Riki-Tiki-Tavi” and the Holy Bible?

Lizards, spiders, I don’t mind.Spiders remind me of “Charlotte’s Web,” although we could do without the black widow spider Benny found in the utility shed.

But Dom, you can keep the snakes, hon.

An RA intervention was needed to fill my mind with more pleasant prospects this morning.

Been playing with adding some images of said fair creature to Pinterest and Tweeting a few. And now to further cleanse my psyche of those deadly writhing creatures, may I present a second helping of our Sunday Smorgasbord. Take it away, Mr. Armitage’s earlier ChaRActers!


One of Richard’s earliest credited television roles was playing the love interest of one of the doctors on Casualty.


Richard was gorgeous as sportsman and possible murder suspect Philip Turner being investigated by Inspector Lynley in the episode, “In Divine Proportion.”


Epiphanes didn’t say a lot in the made-for-television production Cleopatra, but my, my, how he rocked the Roman haircut, toga and early Guyliner.


Paul Andrews, the probation officer accused of serious misconduct in Between the Sheets. One of his most controversial roles and one in which he keeps you guessing.


Richard looked spiffy in 30s period dress as the cuckolded husband in the entertaining mystery Malice Aforethought.


Richard as Captain Ian Macalwain in Ultimate Force. He doesn’t manage to build a lot of camaraderie with his regiment of misfits, but boy, does he look great in his rugby gear. Poetry in motion!


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  1. What a great collection! In “Cleopatra” I kept wanting to see Epiphanes out from under that manky wool cloak. I bet Richard could really rock the tassets and sandals. I haven’t been able to see “Casualty” yet. Philip Turner kept me guessing.

    • I was browsing through my fanart folders and thought it would be nice to share some of the older roles for a change. You can see the clips featuring RA in both Casualty and Doctors on RANet if I am not mistaken. Yeah, get rid of the manky cloak and let us see that gloriously manly form, Epiphanes! Definitely the only reason to watch Cleopatra. The actress playing Cleo was lovely but so wooden, bless her heart.

  2. If I were married to a guy like that I would never cuckold him. The thought would never even occur to me. Not even if he was (were? never know that) in the habit of wearing a moustache! I mean come on!

    • In English, when you say “if”, you are using the conditional, therefore “were” is correct (singular or plural). I know; English is a weird language.

      A reason to stray is always highly subjective. Some men feel it is their natural right, while others are truly faithful, and then there’s everything between those extremes. Women seem to have a narrower range of behaviours, often reactive rather than proactive.

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