Sunday SmoRgAsbord: The Pretty is Here


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  1. Irresistible, as always. Here I am with the huge platter once more, thinking of the maxim, “Be a grownup; have dessert first.”

      • Oh, yes. It was a bad night with heavy rains, high winds, the river rising, a tree down across the rails cutting train service, the power flickering off and on, and the FMS laying siege. I set up a picture of Richard by the oil lamp and I kept looking over at him while Lucky and I huddled together. Somehow, that beauty on so many levels helped me feel better about the whole thing. Thankfully, it’s a quieter morning.

  2. Well it’s snowed all day again here Angie really heavy. So after two lovely walks and play in the snow with Daisy Dog I have had to resort to reading some Guy fanfic. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it lol. By the way great pcitures of our gorgeous man. Thank You

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