Armitage Blue Monday


My sinuses continue to give me some grief and I just feel sort of headachy and “blaah” today. Feels like Monday.

Hubby has sent me links to some photo editing sites with which I was not familiar, so I will probably be playing with those a little later.

Lots of things I NEED to do but somehow doubt they will get done.  So how about some sweet, sexy blue-eyed Armitage to brighten things up on “blue Monday?”







armitage008 (2)_phixr




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  1. Sorry you’re feeling puny (a friend of my used to say that when under the weather…I kind of like it) I concur with the deep winter blue…it is brilliantly sunny here today, but that means only one thing in January – it is flipping COLD!! Thanks for the warm up 🙂

    • Or as my daddy used to say, “I had a hitch in my get-along.” He was full of colorful phrases, that one. 😉 I feel a little better this afternoon than I did earlier today, thank goodness. UPS just delivered a package and while the weather was mild and dry, I decided to get out and putter about in the yard, stretch my legs, play with the dogs, etc. Thought the fresh air would do me some good (although the dogs in their enthusiasm did nearly knock me down). Those sunny winter days can be quite deceiving, can’t they? South Dakota’s nickname was the Sunshine State, which I found odd initially, until I realized with a semi-arid climate they did get a lot of sunshine. The temperatures might be in the basement, but it was sunny! 😉

      • The sun is splendid…we have full exposure on the east and west of our house, so even in winter, we get a great amount of light and warmth from the sun 🙂 I’ll take cold and sunny over pervasive clouds but milder temperatures, but 5-10F is c-c-c-cold any way you slice it… I haven’t yet gotten to the point that I need to migrate…but I also don’t work out of doors 😉

        • I miss the sun if I go too many days without any shining into the house. I may have a touch of Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder. There are some high scudding clouds this afternoon, but still enough sunshine to combat the string of grey wet days we had. The dogs seem to be in better spirits, too. 😉

          Yes, when you get into single digits (and on occasion, we do here) it’s COLD. The coldest I remember it ever getting in SD was 40 below with a wind chill of 100 below. Basically, you had to have everything covered up as much as possible to avoid your skin freezing on contact.

          • Yeah, that is just crazy cold…waiting to p/u Mini Me from school and thermometer says 0…can’t wait to see all of the little Nanooks of the North come waddling out in all of their gear.

            • LOL I remember when a blizzard hit Rapid City and we were without power for a few days. We had to put on layer upon layer to stay warm. I felt exactly like Nanook of the North. 😉

  2. Sorry you are still not feeling well, I’m sure the delectable Mr Armitage will help you feel better! I know these pictures have made my Tuesday morning a little bit easier to take 😄

  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly but I’m glad you managed to get out into the sunshine today. It would be hard to remain blue with the sun shining and joyful dogs for company.

    Lovely pictures of mr A. The one from the NZ press interviews is especially yummy- another one I don’t think I had seen. Thanks.

    • It did help lift my spirits, definitely. My dogs are so funny. The UPS lady was slightly afraid to come into the yard but the truth is, I don’t think they would hurt anyone. However, as Benny says, it’s not a bad idea for people to have a healthy respect for them–less likely to intrude when no one is around the house! Glad you enjoyed. I am finding some new stuff on Pinterest I will also be sharing with y’all.

      • Yes – dogs and posties don’t have a good history…

        I got the Pinterest app on my phone and get a weekly email pointing me towards things i apparently nominated as interests (although i surely didn’t nominate hair braiding as one? If i did i must have been very very drunk or off my meds 😉 ) but i haven’t got much further. How do i look at your pins?

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re a bit better. Progress is good. These did cheer up a blue Monday, better than the little bit of sunshine we got.

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