Richard talks “Black Sky” stunt work in FAULT interview



From the January issue of FAULT Magazine, courtesy of RA Central

To see the entire eight-page spread of photos and text, click link below:

According to the FAULT interview, Richard spent quite a lot of time “swinging around on wires and being whipped around in a wind tunnel” for his upcoming found-footage film, Black Sky. Sounds as if RA got some “danger sports” adrenaline rushes from some of the stunts director Steven Quales set up, including having an 18-wheeler on a crane dropped right in front of him. “With those stunts, you get just one take, and I love it–I find it very thrilling.”

Richard also mentions doing a lot of his own stunts for The Hobbit–but then, we knew all that balletic grace we see in some of those spins had to be the real thing and not his stunt double, right?

No mention of anything else on the horizon for him as yet–but that may have changed since the interview was conducted and the world encountered the awesomeness that is Thorin Oakenshield.

Also find it interesting that, while his elf stage appearance in TH and inspiration seeing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” are touched upon, there is no mention of RA’s early years performing in musical theatre. The article basically takes us from Pattinson College to LAMDA. (Also, thankfully, no mention of the bloody circus.)

Read, enjoy and tell me what you think, AAAs.

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  1. I love the article! Zan, I felt the same way about that picture! I was knocked off my feet as well! Then I came back to TAE and there it was again! Bam!

  2. These should certainly come with a health warning!!

    Please be aware that looking at said pictures could raise your blood pressure, cause palpitations, turn legs to jelly, make you feel like you have received a punch in the solar plexus and cause numerous visceral reactions that I find I cannot admit to. *fans self* No trying to twist my arm girls! My lips are sealed!!! 😉

    Now it’s going to be even harder to wait for the magazine! I already think it is worth every cent I paid for it and I haven’t even seen the real thing yet! 😀

    • LOL excellent warning there, my dear. I think I have a pretty good idea of those visceral reactions, however . . . hopefully some postal worker won’t abscond with my copy before it arrives at my door.

            • That’s the way I felt anyway, and now more than ever. Although I do like Channing as an actor, he’s just not “IT” for me. Nobody is, not Hiddles, not Hugh, not Brad or Ryan or Henry . . . just RA.

              • Some of the people in my tweetline at Twitter are RA fans but very into Tom HIddleston now and sometimes I just find myself zipping through their Tweets. No offense to Tom, a lovely, talented, sweet guy, but It’s only RA for me in terms of serious crushing on a celeb.

              • I can’t say i’ve seen much of Hiddleston’s work but couldn’t help noticing the chatter about him so i went and did some research on Youtube. My conclusion was that he seems like a good guy – he comes over as intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, considerate (lovely joint interview with Olivia Coleman where he gazes at her and listens fully to everything she has to say – i like that in a man) good looking and tall. But i just can’t feel lust. For me, he’s the boy next door – good for platonic nights out when RA is out of town..

              • Yeah, that’s kind of how it is for me. I’ve heard a lot about how intelligent and charming and nice a guy he is. I’ve seen him in three things–Thor and the Avengers as Loki (and I agree he’s more interesting as the baddie than the Hemsworth guy is as hero–hmmm, who does that remind us of?) and a smaller supporting role in Midnight in Paris playing F Scott Fitzgerald. I think he’s talented and has a certain intensity on screen (although I did not care at all for the greasy black Loki hair–he can’t pull off black hair like RA) but I didn’t have that intense, visceral punch-in-the-solar-plexus reaction that RA elicits from me. So I will stick with the Arms, as the Hiddles has plenty of admirers anyway.

              • I didn’t even realise he was in Midnight in Paris (which i have seen twice) so that shows how ‘not on my radar’ he has been. But, as you say, he has enough fans without us having to swell the ranks. And i’m always pleased to see a nice guy do well.

                I hope this doesn’t appear twice – i thought i’d posted but it didn’t appear. I’m so tired today i probably pressed cancel by mistake. But apologies if it does.

              • I have only seen the message once so far. 😉 And you never know with WP. It’s actually Adrian Brody I really love as Dali in MiP (and I have seen it several times). I think it’s great to see truly nice, gentlemanly individuals with genuine talent getting attention and accolades. The bad boys (and girls) get enough press IMHO.

                I hope you get some good rest tonight. Poor Benny told me he fell asleep twice at work today. 😦

              • Thanks Angie – i’m off to work in a moment until 10pm but then i’m off tomorrow which will be lovely. i intend to do as little as possible!

              • Beat me up with a stick but I don’t find Hiddles good looking in the slightest. He’s just an average looking guy. He may be very sweet and intelligent and all that but to me, handsome he ain’t. And yes, I do zip past the numerous gushing tweets about Hiddles as well, and don’t tell anyone but sometimes I even find myself rolling my eyes at them. Sorry. I just don’t get the appeal.

              • *don’t tell anyone but I sometimes roll my eyes AND heave a slightly put-upon sigh. Thank goodness for Janine and Plfallin and others who are one-crush fans* Hiddles has a cute smile, I think, it’s engaging, but it’s nothing like the knock-you-down dazzling one RA gives us. I think some fans are more engaged with Hiddles’ personality and apparent braininess in addition to his talent as an actor–and that makes him more sexy to them, maybe??

                Beauty and sex appeal are in the eyes and brains of the beholder, obviously. After all, there are those who find Jonas Armstrong drop-dead gorgeous and super-sexy. Go figure.

              • That is probably true. Intelligence is a huge turn-on. Sweetness too. I have no doubt he has all those qualities. I just don’t get the gushing about his good looks? I’m ashamed to admit though the continuous raving has rather put me off TH..

              • And apparently he’s on this UNICEF tour now to raise funds, which is laudable. He seems like a good guy. But I remember seeing him for the first time in Midnight in Paris and not having that visceral reaction RA causes. Saw him in both the movies where he plays Loki and while I could see where he was a more interesting and compelling character than Thor–nope, I wasn’t gobsmacked with gorgeous then, either. In fact, I really hated the greasy black hair, although it was appropriate for the character. RA is pretty much the only one I will give a pass to for long, greasy black hair.

                I understand what you mean. There is so much gushing about someone we don’t quite “get” in that sense it’s just off-putting. I feel like I am hanging out at a Tom HIddleston fansite, I guess. 😉

              • Yeah we are informed about every move he makes, aren’t we? Retweets and all that. 🙂 I just don’t like it when people act as if I HAVE to like somebody or HAVE to find him attractive or I HAVE to watch all his films! Don’t get me wrong I like recommendations (you of all people know that very well, Angie! 😀 ) but when somebody is sort of “rammed down” (sorry probably not the right expression but can’t find a better fitting one at the moment) my throat, I tend to turn the other way. It’s just the way I am I suppose.

              • I feel your pain, Judit. Not fond of having any film, books, music or performer seemingly forced upon me as someone I simply MUST admire. It’s the way I felt about 50 SoG. And another subject or two. 😉

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