Eupeptic Armitage: TAE Word for the Day



Eupeptic: (adjective) of good digestion; producting or relating to good digestion. Cheerfu, happyl; having a cheerful manner or disposition. Origin: from the Greek eupeptos

I unfortunately have acid reflux disease and have to take medication for it daily. Makes my tummy much happier, more eupeptic, you might say.

I try to be a eupeptic individual in the sense of how I conduct myself each day, to look at life seeing “the glass half full” and the positive side of things.

I think it’s safe to say that Harry Kennedy, that sunny-natured accountant with the sweetest smile that Richard brings to life in The Vicar of Dibley, is a man with a eupeptic nature.

And just think: Mr. A has said that the character most like him happens to be the delightfully eupeptic Harry Jasper Kennedy.  *sigh*



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  1. Interesting. The “eu” and “dys” or “dis” prefixes show up elsewhere, too, for example in “eustress” (the kind you feel when you are excited and happy) and “distress”.

    Yes, sometimes staying eupeptic requires work, although Harry Jasper Kennedy makes it look easy, the kind of man who would wake up smiling.

    • Harry seems to have come into this world smiling instead of screaming and squawling, doesn’t he?? We also have dyspeptic, which means related to bad digestion, or a person who is easily angered and ill-tempered. I fear Sir Guy might at times be dyspeptic, although he is MUCH better now than he used to be. 😉

  2. It’s good that you manage to stay eupeptic Angie despite all the health problems! Admirable! Btw, Google Chrome doesn’t like this word, it thinks I misspelt it! (It thinks I misspelt “misspelt” as well, it underlined the word with red)! Anyway, thanks for yet another new word!

    • Well, I manage better some days (and nights) than others. Ha! You should have seen WP have a field day when I got ready to publish it. Red underlines everywhere! What’s funny is this came on my radar not through my word-a-day emails, but through a photo editor I use, PicMonkey, which is always leaving clever comments. Last night I was playing with its new Valentine theme and it mentioned saving the image with “eupeptic mirth” and I went from there. 😉

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