Such a pleasure to watch: Behind-the-Scenes ‘Hobbit’ clips


Thanks to the lovely Fabomanto, who put together these clips from the German TV special about the making of The Hobbit.

The clips focus on Thorin, Kili and Fili, aka Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman as they train for the film. You may have seen it before but it’s worth watching again. And again.


Fabo’s set the vid to a soundtrack of classical music, which works beautifully as you watch the actors move in slow motion in their well-choreographed ballets of battle. Makes me appreciate all the more the hard work, dedication, fancy footwork and just plain blood, sweat and tears it requires to create such scenes in the film.

That Richard Armitage sure knows how to take a tumble and wield a weapon. *sigh*

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  1. I’m thinking the same thing! Wow and amazing just hit the tip of the iceberg to describe Richard’s grace, power and beauty! I watched that backwards roll thing over several times…Sigh! Thank goodness for slow motion!

    • I’ve always been such a klutz I am particularly overwhelmed by someone who can move with such athleticism, grace and agility. (I love the backwards roll thing, too. 😉 ) The slow motion coupled with the beautiful classical music is marvelous.

      • Me too. I’m entranced by how gracefully he moves, with him being such a big man. God bless Mr and Mrs Armitage for sending him to tap dancing lessons to correct his pigeon toes! They must have been quite progressive parents – for i cannot imagine my father agreeing to let my brother do dance classes. And i don’t remember any boys in my dance classes either. He must have really loved dance to stick with it, especially when the naysayers said he was too tall to succeed. Funny how life turns out sometimes.

        This is a lovely video – beautiful music which works so well with the footage.

        • Yeah, for a big, rangy guy, he moves so beautifully, elegantly. I had no brothers, but I really can’t imagine my parents ever sending a male child to dance lessons, either (and they were very pro their daughters taking music lessons, glee club, art supplies, etc.) We do have a few boys who attend dance classes at the local dance schools, so maybe things are changing a bit. The pigeon-toed, giraffe-like boy with the out-sized nose really did blossom into a lovely, graceful swan–and we all benefit richly.

          Yes, kudos to Fabo for putting together the best bits and adding the beautiful music. 😀

          • yes – thankfully it is changing. My daughters had a few intrepid boys in their dance classes and my son’s (all boys) school had dance on their curriculum. Our son once got a school report which stated he danced “above class expectations” – something which is often quoted now he is 6 foot and 100 kilo’s and on the Gridiron team.

            • Our lawyer’s son has danced in the annual arts council fundraiser as has the son of the Relay for Life Cancer Society chair. They are both kids who love music–they sing and one also plays the drums.

              • Yes – you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Our son is musical – he plays the trumpet and is a tenor. He was the senior chorister in his school chapel choir and won a university scholarship to study voice but decided there is no money in classical music and it was interfering with his footy and social life too much! So singing has become a hobby. 😦

                I, too, was what you might call un-coordinated. Always tripping over and bruising myself. Then, about three years ago, my physio started balance classes for her ‘un-co’ clients. The difference it has made is incredible. My injuries have been reduced radically as i think i’m just more aware of where i am spatially. And i also know how to avert disaster – i can now fall down well! It is a mix or tae chi, pilates (i also now do a pilates class), strength and balance and the Alexander Technique. I think RA has mentioned doing Alexander. It might be worth talking to a physio to see whether there is anything in your area. Do not, however, go to the gym. My physio says she gets at least half her business from injuries sustained at the gym. Knowing what i know now, i would only follow an exercise program created by someone with at least a 4 year Bachelor degree in the health sciences.

              • I did attempt a tai chi class that they brought to my little town but with my damaged knee I couldn’t even finish the first class. 😦 They told me they could see I had problems with my knee without even asking me. And I did manage to stay upright LOL

                Between the problematic knee (and I was told by my orthopod to never again attempt deep knee bends, squats, lunges, running or any type of medium to high-impact aerobics) and the FMS, I am somewhat limited in what I can do exercise-wise. There are various types of exercise classes at the local Y, but nothing that would work well for me except maybe spinning classes. I need to get back into the habit of riding my semi-recumbent bike now that my tailbone seems to be healed, but that still doesn’t help me with the balance issues. Oh, well . . .

              • Thats why i’m so fussy about who i would take instruction from. I have a back and neck injury that can be stirred up by one wrong move. I’ll never be able to run again and anything medium to high impact can leave me in pain for weeks. But the class i go to has a max of 6 participants and a physio instructing. She adapts exercises to each participant, adding weights etc.. But i know i’m lucky because i live in a city where such things are accessible.

          • Oh Billy Elliot! I haven’t seen that film for a few years but now seems like a perfect time to re-watch. Thanks for the reminder judiang.

        • LOL I seem to perpetually have some sort of bruise or abrasion (or fracture) or something because I am bumping into, tripping over something. Benny says he just knows I am going to accidentally do myself in one day and they are going to think he’s been beating up on me and did it. 😉 Richard just beautifully falls and then does that graceful tumble over and is back on his feet with the sword.He made it look so effortless. And that’s what gobsmacks me.

  2. At 1:54 whose portrait is on his T-shirt? It looks like Johann Sebastian Bach, but I’m not sure. Can anybody tell me? Loved this clip, he seems to be enjoying himself so much. I find it hard to understand why anybody would think that the video (in particular, the fact that the original footage was slowed down) is disrespectful to Richard (there was someone over on Twitter who was quite vocal about it- so I watched it and could not figure out where she was coming from?).. He is, indeed, poetry in motion.

    • It looked like Bach to me on Dean’s shirt. I love this clip a lot, too, and the thought it could be disrespectful to anyone in it, Richard and otherwise, NEVER entered my mind. Or I wouldn’t have embedded it. WTF??

      I have decided some fans are just–not on the same astral plane that I am. 😉

      • So that was Dean w the Bach T-shirt LOL! Wasn’t sure who it was to be honest…The helmet kind of made it hard to recognize the person underneath. Thought the nose didn’t look like RA’s.. Anyway, yeah, that particular fan is definitely not on my astral plane. She said vid was slowed down in order to allow us to “ogle” RA and that was a disrespectful thing to do. I unfollowed her after this incident.

        • Right at the end, you see the flash of those amazing dimples of his. I have a bit of a crush on those dimples LOL

          Oh—hell. She must belong to the Victorian Prude Brigade. Those who refuse to recognize RA is a flesh-and-blood grownup MAN and not a Ken doll in a cravat! I mean he was fully dressed, for Pete’s sake. And for me, the slow motion allowed me to better appreciate the choreography involved. As I recall, Mr. Armitage was once a choreographer himself as well as a professional dancer. I enjoy watching a beautiful human with that much grace and elegance move, you don’t like it? Tough.

        • Slowing the footage down made me appreciate how skilled the fights scenes were. Without this vid I doubt I would have stopped to consider how much choreography and hard work went into those scenes.

          • Exactly. Much as we’ve seen some of the fight sequences in Spooks slowed down to see the choreography involved. With TH, there’s so much going on when the film is on the big screen, it’s easy to overlook just how much went into these battle sequences. I see nothing insulting to any of the actors in the footage; rather, it is a testament to the artistry, dedication and plain old hard work these guys put in.

  3. It occurs to me that although these are actors learning movement for a fim, if Richard were transported back in time, he would have no trouble being a warrior king for real. [Pacifism tends to take a brief vacation when the foe is about to slice your gut open.] He has the skills, the strength, the smarts, and the leadership ability.

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