Sweet, Sexy Man in Black Leather


This is from a shot of The Hobbit cast members posing together after (?) the Apple Store interview in London. I cropped it down and used photo editing to take out an unnecessary shoulder and played a bit more. This is one of my favorite of the casual outfits Richard wore–love that sweater style under the now ubiquitous black leather jacket–and doesn’t he look handsome and relaxed? As if he’s enjoying the ride. A lovely man.


And of course the candid of him arriving after that long, long flight in Wellington before TH premiere. How can he look so good? It can’t just be due to first class seating, can it?


There were problems with a water leak down the road from us (on what used to be part of the family farm, now owned by a timber company) and our own water got shut off. Been wrangling around to get it cut back on. Waiting for the Quint-Mar folks to show up now.  *sigh*

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  1. I hope they get the water issue sorted quickly.

    Meanwhile, yes, I love that outfit, too. He looks so comfortable and relaxed, and more gorgeous than ever. And if that’s what he looks like after a long-haul flight, mercy!

    • I am not sure I could bear seeing him really rested up. Don’t think heart could take that much fantabulous masculine beauty! thud* These water people are like ninjas.I can generally hear traffic well before any vehicle gets to our abode, but–I only heard faint sound and just went and checked and didn’t see anybody. But the water is back on, so all’s well that ends well. 😀

  2. These pictures are beautiful Angie don’t know how he does it after that long flight. Having said that he always looks gorgeous. Needed these again tonight Angie snowing again likely to be minus 10 -16 in The Midlands (were I’am), and another snow alert for Friday good job it’s Guy Day just keep them coming Angie please you are my saviour. Thank You

    • You guys are getting some serious winter weather there! We’ve been cooler of late but nothing like what you have having to deal with. Glad I could help make it all a little easier. Stay safe and stay warm.

  3. I’m thanking that stylist all over again. She gets top marks for finding looks that are totally Richard and he looks so comfortable in. The problem is, i just can’t see a sweater like that without my thoughts straying to how it would feel to slide a hand underneath now..

    • I agree. He looks great, he’s stylish and he looks at home in them at the same time. Hmmmm, yes, it’s very hard not to imagine roaming hands and rushing fingers . . .

      • You’ll first have to defeat the tucked in t-shirt…there is a little peek sticking out at the collar – I don’t know about you, but I never could resist a challenge 😉

              • I recommend it to all of my classes as mandatory viewing before they graduate! I remember watching it on BETA at my parents and my Dad totally not getting what we were laughing at – ah, good times!!

              • It’s a classic. 😀

                I compare my three-legged cat to the Black Knight. There she was, a little kitten, facing a big dog, and he’d already ripped the poor thing open and nearly gnawed off her leg. And yet in the pouring rain she was trying to get back up and take him on, I was told. I have to say this cat has some moxie. She’s cuddled up by my side now. Things turned out better for her than they did for the Black Knight. 😉

          • To paraphrase Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually “It would be the work of but a moment”.

            Unless it was tucked into his underpants – now that might be the end of a lovely crush.*

            *Probably not though – i’d probably think it was cute.

              • I think that would only happen if he were in costume for some character from Seattle WA, where that appalling look is all too common. (The black socks are usually wool; for summer, it’s white jock socks.)

              • Sandals… That’s Martin’s “style”, not Richard’s, girls! 🙂 Though Martin wore them on bare feet at Comic Con! There were no ” nasty little sockses” as Gollum would say!

              • There is something a bit grungy about going commando. I don’t think RA is that kinda guy.

              • I definitely would think he’d wear briefs (pants) versus boxers which might bunch up unflatteringly under those stylish garments of his. That’s a question asked of men sometimes here: Boxers or briefs?

              • Commando is fine by me if the yoga pants, soft jeans, or whatever don’t chafe those tender parts and they get laundered readily. (I am aware that one performer wears a custom-made jock strap that matches his costume for a particularly athletic role. No VPL, no chafing, relative comfort.)

              • Men in yoga pants? Noooooooooooooooooooooo………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Just wrong, wrong, wrong. Thank heavens RA sticks to Nike sports gear because he could be forgiven for favouring dance pants due to his history. But, despite the impression i may have given, i’m not a fan of men’s dangly bits being allowed too much freedom (if you know what i mean).

              • So, your man is doing yoga in the living room. What does he wear? For me, “too much freedom” is when a man is moving around a lot, and the bits can get caught or bounce uncomfortably if they are not contained.

              • I don’t either…I can’t see how it would be more comfortable at all – my boys have a word for it that I am not even going to type…

              • So where do we put the box briefs? Less bunchy than boxers, more everything than tightie whities – are we really discussing underwear?

              • I think we are. Benny has some of those briefs that come down the thigh a bit. I like them. John Portah’s black briefs were quite nice. Oh, geez, I am tired and I do get quite goofy at a certain point.

              • Have you noticed how the threads that get onto RA’s underwear always get very long?

                Always the usual suspects contributing too. 😉

              • Gee between Servetus’ Lego flipping its wig and RA’s underwear it’s a good thing my side feels better. Cause I’ve been laughing pretty hard.

              • Bolly, I have no idea what your’re talking about 😉 Angie: Freeballin’ (cannot be good in that waxed denim…that stuff looks really stiff)

              • I am familiar with the waxed cotton twill clothing, worn by hunters primarily, and it is comfortable enough when worn over longjohns, I’m told. I would not want waxed denim next to skin, although depending on the weight of the denim and the degree to which the wax softens with body heat, it might be okay. Cleaning a waxed fabric though is a trial and a half, and some things (e.g., cougar pee) cannot be removed without dry-cleaning, which of course removes the wax.

              • I wonder if dry cleaners often get asked to remove cougar pee from clothing? Which leads me to wonder how one would typically get cougar pee on their clothing..

              • The hunter in question had been wearing waxed cotton trousers when he crouched down in a duck blind. Unaware that a cougar had marked that spot as his territory, the hunter sat right in the cougar pee. His wife refused to allow the stinky trousers in the house. The recommended cleaning method — cold water rinse, hang to dry — did not work; hot water wash would have not only removed the wax unevenly, but it would also have shrunk the cotton; dry cleaning was the best option. I suspect that dry cleaners in areas where hunters wear waxed cotton have been asked to remove very odd substances…

              • This is fabulous…nothing better than in depth discussion of men’s underwear – Good Lord, I’ve got to go home…but not before stating my preference for Portah’s black Calvin’s…:D (I don’t guess there’s much VPL with those ;))

              • They looked pretty darned sleek and form-fitting, so I would guess no to the VPLs. Sometimes you just need some good underwear-related silliness. Makes you feel eupeptic and all. 😉

              • Yeah, boys are boys aren’t they 🙂 (Bless their grimy little hearts!)

                Great minds think alike 🙂 Your link looks very much like the CK trunks I was thinking of– Why does men’s underwear look so much more comfortable than womens?

              • Ain’t that the truth?! I have some new bras that should arrive tomorrow that I hope will be comfy. A couple are of T-shirt material and were highly rated by customers. I need support to help relieve some of the pain in the side.

              • They do, which is why the soft, mid-thigh length, black or gray CKs are often preferred. I am told they feel nice, don’t ride up or down, and and launder nicely. They don’t hide the package really, but they create a smooth line, and the rear view is worthwhile.

              • Bolly, have you seen the Bonds commercials with Pat Rafter? They were pretty funny.. He used to be “spokesmodel” or whatyoucallit for Bonds.. Though it was some years ago.. 😀

              • In that kind of heat, ideally something loose, preferably cotton, that allows the scrotal sack to stretch and hold the testicles away from the body. That stretching and contracting for temperature control is very important to maintaining the viability of the genetic material.

              • Please don’t let anything mess with the viability of said genetic material! 😉 I thought cotton would probably be the best choice. Now my mind’s going places if probably shouldn’t again . . . but who cares??

              • I probably should NOT do a google search on “scrotal sack” here at work! Hahaha. 😀 Please dear God in Heaven don’t let said genetic material go to waste…

  4. As an aside, i’m currently watching SB- Zimbabwe. We’re past the strip search bit (black trunks- very nice) and Porter and Masuku have just broken out of the prison. Classic Portah line:
    “Where’s the fooking Landrover? I don’t fooking believe this!” Gawd, i love him.

      • Future GuyDay Friday attraction?….micro analysis of just what a medieval hench wears under his leather britches….braies or no braies?

        • Hmmmm. This would require a great deal of in-depth analysis. Careful scrutiny of both frontal and rear views of said henchman in leather trousers–and without, for comparison’s sake. (God bless the writer who gave us half-naked Guy moments in S2. Richard may have hated taking his top off, but oh, what delights were beneath the leather!)

            • As much as I cursed those writers at times (but not as much as the ones for Spooks 9 &$@#!@!) I thank them for those moments–Guy changing his top. Guy trying on his new armor. Even that nightmare in S3, although we only got to briefly see the washboard abs and in dim light. Richard made those few moments VERY memorable. *guh*

    • I’m glad you are enjoying it Joanna.

      I’ll tell you what a deal breaker would be for me – a thong. I once had the misfortune to come across a man who wore a black leather one. Probably not even real leather but i didn’t stick around long enough to look closely.

          • Well. I have had my brekkie, taken my supplements and meds and am now enjoying a large mug of coffee generously laced with French vanilla liquid creamer. However, I have to be careful when drinking or I might splatter coffee across the laptop. LOL! I go away to sleep and this post has blown up to 83 comments! All you brainy females discussing the merits of men’s undies vs. cammando and the problematic issue of cougar pee. SOOO glad my side is much better . . . LOL

    • Ditto to Joanna! My stomach hurts from laughing! I’ve been away for a bit, watching tennis and the inauguration, and what do I find when I tune in to Angie’s blog again? 78 comments that start out about our gorgeous RA in a sweater and quickly become an improbable discussion by a bunch of academics on men’s underwear! (not saying which man’s.) You gals do not disappoint! For further reading, I heartily recommend DAVE BARRY’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO GUYS, especially for his take on male anatomy.

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