He earned it.



His name, that is. Thorin is Thorin Oakenshield because he battled against his foes making use of that great hunk of oak he found, turning it into a makeshift (and effective) shield.  It became part of this legendary warrior’s story and life.   He’s just–epic, in every sense of the word.




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  1. I love that top picture of him holding his “oakenshield”, especially with the camera panning around him! He looks every inch the warrior!

  2. I am officially obsessed especially with young Thorin. Better than Braveheart, and the camera loves and caresses him. 😀 *swoon*

  3. Can I ask something about the oakenshield? How did a piece of oakwood withstand all those mighty blows from the White Orc’s ginormous weapon (sorry don’t know what it’s called)? I don’t mean to sound pernickety or anything .. I’ve just been wondering about that. Also, I was wondering where did the oakenshield appear from in the tree scene, because I don’t remember Thorin using it in previous scenes or even having it with him (apart from the flashback fight scene at Moria of course)…What am I missing?

    • Oak is quite a dense wood and is known as being very hard and strong so I guess it was able to withstand the blows. At the end I think Thorin just grabbed a piece of branch from the pine tree he was sheltering in – i dont think it was the original shield but i could be wrong. I suppose I’m just going to HAVE to watch that scene again to see. For research of course not so I can drool over the epicness of Thorin preparing to attack Azog. 😉

      • Ok so I just watched the end scene again and it turns out it is his original shield. Maybe it folds away neatly to fit in a pocket and he clicks a button to open it to full size like an umbrella?! 🙂

        • Definitely was his original shield as I spotted some metal decorations on it when I watched the film for the 4th time..So it can’t have been some random piece of wood. Yes, it may folds away neatly as you said. He must have carried it on his person throughout the movie only I never noticed it. 🙂

          • Yes I missed the metal decoration the few 100 times I’ve watched that scene(my eyes were elsewhere😄) it must be a “travelshield” for times when you may be fighting unexpected orcs away from home

            • So ladies, I have been *ahem* “researching” and discovered 2 moments in the Hobbit where you see him carrying the oak shield. It was tough – lots of rewinding, pausing and drooling…I mean er concentrating, but I managed to stick to the task! 😄 that shows real dedication! (or is it obsession?)
              It turns out that Thorin carries the sheild on a leather strap hanging by his side.
              The first time you see it is when they are running from the orcs just before they get to Rivendell when Kili shoots the Orc and several of the dwarves (including Thorin) attack him.
              The second is when they first come out of the caves after escaping from the goblins and they are wondering where Bilbo is (it’s only a very brief glimpse)
              So there you have it! Hope that has helped clear it up 😊

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