Armitage’s Don Juan: Lee Preston, Flirt of the First Order


Our word for the day is Don Juan (noun): an obsessed womanizer.  See Lee  Preston, lifeguard, (very) personal trainer and total flirty-girty in series 5 of Cold Feet.  Lee has never met a woman he wouldn’t be happy to seduce, methinks. And he’s very good at it, with that deceptively angelic face, those puppy-dog eyes. engaging grins and the killer bod.




The original Don Juan was, of course, a legendary 14th century Spanish nobleman, who devoted his life to seducing women. His story has been portrayed by many authors and composers, amongst them Moliere, Mozart, Byron and Shaw. But did any of their incarnations of the legendary lover wear midnight blue Speedos and look like this?

I think not.




One of the things I find delicious about this character is that the actor behind it is so gorgeous, sexy and charismatic he could have been a very successful womanizer, a veritable Don Juan, like Lee, if he so chose that road. But he isn’t and he didn’t and I love him all the more for it.

As for Lee, I do think he could be a heck of a good time for a girl–as long as she took proper precautions and never expected more than a good time. Mr. Preston is not marriage or long-term partnership material.

But he is awfully pretty (even if I prefer the more mature beauty of Mr. Armitage these days).


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  1. Don Juan — yes, Lee Preston fits the pattern, although I think even he would be hard pressed to keep up with Mozart’s Don Juan, “… en Espana, 1003 — 1003”. It’s true that a woman could not expect Lee to be faithful or truthful or careful, but he is, as you say, awfully pretty.

    I, too, find Richard much more compelling and attractive now that he has matured so well. And I, too, find his reserved and respectful, even “frugal”, approach to his private life extremely appealing. It makes it apparent that his involvement is valuable, that it is earned and deeply felt, that it is not as commonly available as a KitKat bar.

    • LOL but he’d probably try to keep up–I think Lee would like that challenge. 😉 Richard’s masculine beauty just keeps improving. All the good things flourishing inside him can be seen in those eyes and those smiles. Celebs who “kiss and tell” –and tell and tell and who seem to have a different female on their arm every week, I find off-putting. I am not sure they really respect women. There’s something to be said for not constantly “putting it about,” as Richard mentioned.

      He does do a nice voice-over for KitKat bars. 😉

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