I really miss these two.



It’s Miss You Monday, and I miss the witty banter between Ros and Lucas, their knowledge colleagues are OK, and the way those two had each other’s backs. Along with the way they rocked the leather jackets and jeans and boots. And they were clearly not teenyboppers or callow twenty-somethings who seemed to still need their spook training wheels but real grownups. I felt a little bit more safe with Ros and Lucas on the case. Yeah, they were fictional spies, and not even for my own country. But still.


lucas and ros 2




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  1. Sorry i’m late – due to poor rostering (mainly my fault) i’ve only spent 8 of the last 24 hours away from work and i prioritised sleeping then! So i’m catching up on all the Armitage loveliness now.

    I loved this dynamic duo too – with their matching outfits and long, long legs. I adored Ros – every utterance a classic. I’ve just watched a repeat of the final episode of S8 – still can’t believe they did that to Ros. I remember the first time i saw it i felt sure she had managed to drag the Home secretary clear of the blast and would be back at the start of S9. RA and Hermione Norris worked so well together so lets hope they get a chance to do so again.

    • Good to see you again. 😀 Hermione is one of my favorite Brit actresses. I have enjoyed her performances in everything I have seen her in and she really made an indelible impression as Ros Myers. She seems like a very genuine sort of person in RL and I love how she candidly admitted she wasn’t anywhere nearly as tough and together as Super Ros was. 😉 She and RA had great chemistry together onscreen and I, too, would love to see them in a well-scripted project together.

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