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Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.


The actual artwork for the Blu-ray release of  The Hobbit: An Unexpected  Journey, that is. It is showing at some retails sites such as Blu-ray.com. However, Amazon does not yet show any artwork (nor is it currently allowing pre-orders). Here’s what Mr. Cere at TORn had to say:

It is possible this image was leaked from the studios involved but it seems unlikely and this image isn’t a powerful “buy me” image from the movie. No word from any official channels has surfaced to say this is or isn’t fake so we advise not accepting it as the gospel truth at this point.

BB0OJ5QCQAAJ9wxCurious as to what you all think about the image. TORn is also asking fanart folks to create their own covers to send in to them to be posted.

Of course, I’d be quite happy if only this guy was on the front.


It still appears both the Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D versions will be released March 19 with the Extended Edition to come out in October. Another question or two:  Do you plan to purchase one of the Blu-rays? Will you wait for the Extended Edition? Or do you plan to splash out for both?

I know that if I get the Blu-ray (and honestly, can I hold out until October??)  I’ll have to borrow Benny’s PlayStation. I might keep it longer than he’d wish . . . because the Warrior Prince was made for  Blu-ray.

Things to Made You Happy #2, Armitage-Style (with special guest Mr. fedoralady)


vlcsnap-00774 Making resting easier. We all need a good night’s sleep to feel our best. Assuming you don’t actually sleep with Richard Armitage (and let’s be honest–would you want to sleep with him, or do–other things?) you may find yourself struggling to rest with your partner due to Cover Wars. According to the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, getting separate duvets can help solve the problem. (I would add that king-sized top sheets on a queen-sized bed can also be helpful. Not marrying a woman with Restless Legs Syndrome would also be nice. Poor Benny. *sigh*)


Do this silly thing. Imagine that your undies are superhero undies that give you confidence suggests Andy Cope, author of The Art of Being Brilliant.  I say if it doesn’t give you confidence, surely it will make you smile?

(And I think all Mr. A’s undies are worn by a superhero. He’s MY hero.)

Bookmark your YouTube favorites for a quick grin. Naturally, these should include something with Richard Armitage.


Have a pet.  This was not on the Glamour UK list, but studies show that having a pet helps keep our blood pressure down, helps us to live longer and provides us with companionship. And they are just so darned funny at times! Which leads me to . . .


Laugh. Nothing is better to instantly melt away anxiety. Especially when you can laugh along with a blue-eyed bloke like this one.


Feeling as if I am moving on


The intricate lace-like pattern of bare winter tree branches, silhouetted against the steel grey clouds rapidly filling the sky, catch my eye today. I am out for my daily constitutional, wishing that I’d brought my camera with me to capture those trees. I remember how, as a young art student, one who normally preferred drawing people, I went through a phase of tree mania. I was fascinated with the patterns of bark and the dance of the branches and the serpentine nature of some tree roots.  Every tree has its own special sort of character.

This photo courtesy of browncreative.com doesn't quite capture what I saw today, but it gives you the right idea. Love the abstract look you get with pattern of branches.

This photo courtesy of browncreative.com doesn’t quite capture what I saw today, but it gives you the right idea. Love the abstract look you get with pattern of branches.

I have to say that the barren look of the trees contrasts sharply with the sultriness of the air. I push up the sleeves of my long-sleeved t-shirt and wish I’d opted for a regular one. And put my hair in a ponytail. It may be January, but it feels like spring. It feels like thunderstorms. And indeed, heavy rain and the potential for severe thunderstorms is in the forecast, moving in after midnight and continuing most of tomorrow.

The twinges are beginning; FMS does not like big changes in atmospheric pressure. Tonight & tomorrow will not be easy days for me.

Oh, well, at least I am getting some fresh air and exercise while our dirt and gravel road is not a mud-slick morass. I live in a somewhat hilly county and I can feel the muscles working as I make my way up this incline: the calf muscles, and thighs, and those gluteus maximus muscles.

 It’s good to feel a soreness that is not related to Fibromyalgia Syndrome, that is not a searing, burning sort of pain that makes one imagine they know what it feels like to be tortured with a red-hot iron poker.

fibro butt

Later, that will come. But I won’t think about that right now.  More pleasant prospects fill my mind.

I will think about the luncheon date planned for Thursday with a friend. We got to know each other while I was working for the newspaper and she was always a big fan of my writing.

SM was an orphan who lived in several foster homes before being adopted into a loving family when she was a little girl. She grew up to be a tireless advocate for foster parents and children. A former city councilwoman, SM founded and orchestrated an annual dinner for our county’s foster families for many years, an event held in memory of her late husband, a prominent businessman who died in a tragic drowning accident.  She’s active in the Kiwanis, which gives foster parents and their children a luncheon each Christmas with a visit from Santa and gifts from wish lists provided by the kids.

SM is a go-getter who has dreamed of creating a children’s book about foster families and adoption. She’s approaching 70 now and says she wants to make sure it happens soon. And she’s asked me to collaborate with her because she believes I “can tell an interesting story and do it justice.” I am excited about this opportunity, I have to say.

There are some other opportunities presenting themselves, although I am not quite ready to discuss them yet. Let’s just say that I feel that this year may be the year when things really do turn around for me.

For that, I am grateful.


Some things to make you happy #1, Armitage Style


I love to get extra value out of any item, and so I am doing that with the Glamour UK that Fairy Godmother sent me. In addition to the Hottest Guy on Middle-Earth article, it also has a nice list of 1oo Things to Make You Happy.  I decided to tweak things about and share some images of Mr. A and his ChaRActers illustrating some of these happiness-inducing activities.  Have  a Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Cuddle. Twenty seconds of hugging releases magic anti-stress hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina.

pink pussycats

Dance. of all exercise, dancing is the best way to get your endorphin levels peaking due to a winning combination of feel-good factors, including a fun workout, mood-enhancing music and physical contact with others.



Give to Charity. A study in The Journal of Consumer Psychology show the happiest people are the biggest givers, no matter how much we earn.  And we all know Mr. Armitage is a charitably-minded fellow, don’t we?


Look at something blue. Research at the University of Sussex indicates that when we look at the color blue, our brainwaves show increased happiness levels. Anyone think looking at a certain blue-eyed bloke we all know and love might help?