Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.


The actual artwork for the Blu-ray release of  The Hobbit: An Unexpected  Journey, that is. It is showing at some retails sites such as However, Amazon does not yet show any artwork (nor is it currently allowing pre-orders). Here’s what Mr. Cere at TORn had to say:

It is possible this image was leaked from the studios involved but it seems unlikely and this image isn’t a powerful “buy me” image from the movie. No word from any official channels has surfaced to say this is or isn’t fake so we advise not accepting it as the gospel truth at this point.

BB0OJ5QCQAAJ9wxCurious as to what you all think about the image. TORn is also asking fanart folks to create their own covers to send in to them to be posted.

Of course, I’d be quite happy if only this guy was on the front.


It still appears both the Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D versions will be released March 19 with the Extended Edition to come out in October. Another question or two:  Do you plan to purchase one of the Blu-rays? Will you wait for the Extended Edition? Or do you plan to splash out for both?

I know that if I get the Blu-ray (and honestly, can I hold out until October??)  I’ll have to borrow Benny’s PlayStation. I might keep it longer than he’d wish . . . because the Warrior Prince was made for  Blu-ray.

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  1. Hmm. Some of the fan art that has been done for TH is really, really good. I’m betting that this is a fake cover, too. It’s not bad, but it could be a lot better. I’m going to have to wait for October and get myself a device that will play it.

      • Yes, it’s a start. Now a region-free DVD player and a Blu-ray device and then replace the old beast with a nice flat-screen model… I need to win the lotto, naturally. But I’ll have some stuff going up on Amazon soon, I hope, not that I expect more than a trickle from that.

  2. I’ll wait ’til October. I don’t have blu-ray either. Maybe I’ll splurge this summer! I usually buy myself a really good piece of jewelry after I get paid for Summer School (from a pawn shop usually. I’ve gotten $1000 rings for $150!). But I might have to look into Blu-ray and/or multi-region players. I’m really cheap about some things. I think “this DVD player isn’t old and I works fine…I don’t need those other things!” However, a diamond is for life! LOL

    • Laurie, if you can get a good piece of jewelry for at least 75 percent off what it would retail for, that is always a bargain. Anything beyond that and it’s a steal. I used to work in fine jewelry for a major department store and I scored some great buys over the years (I got 15 percent off on top of any sales). Markup is usually quadruple what item wholesales for.

      I have to say I really love watching films on that PSP/Blu-ray player. The clarity and vividness of the colors is amazing. Also, you can play regular DVDS on a Blu-ray player, while you can’t play Blu-ray on a DVD player.

  3. l don’t think I could wait until October to see the film again; I might just get the DVD in March then see Thorin in his Extended Blu Ray glory in October… 🙂

    As for the cover, I quite like this image but it isn’t half as powerful as I’d have thought, so it probably is a fake – I have to agree, Thorin is all you need to sell a ton of Blu-Rays 😀

    • I suspect I will get the Blu-ray-DVD-digital copy combo in March and then follow it up with extended version in October. *sigh* That way I can go ahead and watch the DVD as much as I want and the Blu-ray when I can wrangle player from spouse. 😉

      Yeah, while there’s nothing wrong with this artwork, it doesn’t have the punch I would somewhat expect, given what we’ve seen so far in terms of posters and other adverts. And those eyes gazing at you from the face of majestic Thorin would make me want to buy a copy even if I hadn’t seen the movie! LOL

  4. I was so excited when I read that TH was going to be released in March, there is no way known that I can wait until October. Our son’s Blu-ray player is hooked up to our TV so I’ll probably buy the Blu-ray in March and then the extended version later in the year. I’ve never watched Blu-ray. Can you pause and replay like a DVD? ‘Cos I reckon I’ll be doing an awful lot of that in Thorin’s scenes. 😉

      • I think I’ve worn out those buttons on my DVD player remote. There are many times when I want to pause to rewatch and nothing happens, so there I am, pushing furiously, yelling at the player to stop! I want to see that kiss/that bare chest/that smile etc again 😉

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