Some things to make you happy #1, Armitage Style


I love to get extra value out of any item, and so I am doing that with the Glamour UK that Fairy Godmother sent me. In addition to the Hottest Guy on Middle-Earth article, it also has a nice list of 1oo Things to Make You Happy.  I decided to tweak things about and share some images of Mr. A and his ChaRActers illustrating some of these happiness-inducing activities.  Have  a Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Cuddle. Twenty seconds of hugging releases magic anti-stress hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina.

pink pussycats

Dance. of all exercise, dancing is the best way to get your endorphin levels peaking due to a winning combination of feel-good factors, including a fun workout, mood-enhancing music and physical contact with others.



Give to Charity. A study in The Journal of Consumer Psychology show the happiest people are the biggest givers, no matter how much we earn.  And we all know Mr. Armitage is a charitably-minded fellow, don’t we?


Look at something blue. Research at the University of Sussex indicates that when we look at the color blue, our brainwaves show increased happiness levels. Anyone think looking at a certain blue-eyed bloke we all know and love might help?

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  1. Sorry, I’m going to have to put a dampener on this lovely post – in order to have a cuddle or a dance, one needs a partner. I don’t need to have a man constantly living under my feet but I sorely miss having the opportunty to cuddle or dance!

    I thoroughly relish the fact that I can do as I please when I please and even if I please; silence and solitude are mostly just right up my alley, too, However, just occasionally, (very, very occasionally, mind you!), I find myself thinking that it might be nice to have a man around sometimes, *sigh*

    Do you happen to know of any eligible men in Canberra who would consider taking on a fairly independently-minded obese 66 year-old somewhat poverty-stricken Scorpio female semit-invalid as a sometime partner?

    PS, Angie, I just adore how willingly you have taken to the word “bloke! It makes me feel so “at home” here 😉

    PPS. Love this post BTW 😀

    • If I lived closer to everyone, I would provide regular hugs–not as good as from a significant other, but they aren’t bad. 😉 I do understand where you are coming from. My oldest sister, who is 62 and twice-divorced is happy not to be in an unhappy relationship, but she admits she does miss having that element in her life from time to time–a companion and cuddle mate. Do we ever stop needing that, really?

  2. Thanks for this post! I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! But now I’m smiling! BTW kathryngaul, I know how you feel. I get hugs from my little ones at school but mostly when they need a hug, not when I need one. (And society tell teachers we need to stop those hugs…argh!) We also do silly dances. But it’s not the same with a bunch of 5 year olds. My introverted self loves my quiet alone time, but sometimes it would be lovely to have someone who “gets” me, who would love to do all of the above (and more), and to be a companion, sometimes. Oh well, maybe someday, or maybe not.

    I hope Richard has found someone to dance with, cuddle with and act silly with, besides those dwarfs!

    • Ah, I love that story. A minister at a church I attended back in Talladega once read it aloud during a ceremony. The lesson was we cannot control life’s circumstances and the situations we end up in sometimes, but we can control how we react and respond to them. 😉

      I like to believe there is someone for everyone, but then I am that hopeful romantic. And I very much hope the same for RA, as I would for anyone I consider a special friend.

  3. The pictures are great, and Richard is the ultimate in mood enhancers.

    I confess to having a serious hug deficiency. I do have a lovely, tall, dark, male to cuddle with, but his eyes are golden, he’s a feline, and he’s teething at the moment. Lucky is now 20 inches tip of nose to base of tail, and he’s not full grown yet.

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