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Would Richard Armitage make you plotz?: TAE Word for the Day



Those eyes get me every time.

Plotz: (verb) to collapse or to faint, as from surprise, excitement or exhaustion.

Plotz is an Americanism that arose in the 1940s. It comes from the Yiddish word platsn, which means to “crack, burst or split.” That word in turn originated from the German word blatzen or platzen.

With the likes of Comic-Con, the Black Sky set and the various premieres and Hobbit press junket events, a growing number of fans have had the opportunity to have an encounter with Mr. Armitage, whether it’s to shake his hand, get an autograph or photo, or have a snippet of conversation with him.

I still find myself wondering how I would react if I ever got to look into those beautiful eyes or had one of those spectacular smiles aimed in my direction.  Would I freeze up, would I manage to maintain my composure–would I simply plotz in the presence of such deliciousity?

The mind boggles.



It was that kind of a day. Need beauty fix.


The wind is still roaring outside, gusts up to 50 MPH.  I’d have thought we’d had more than a half-inch of rain today, but it was hard for me to separate the noise from the sheets of rain and those heavy gusts, the house creaking and squeaking along with it all. The temperatures are tumbling tonight. We should dip close to near freezing after several mild nights.  Truly a nasty Wednesday in LA.

The satellite was cutting in and out and the internet went down this afternoon, halting a post in progress and some fanart I was working on.

I decided to delve into my instruction manual for Adobe Illustrator on my Kindle Fire and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to zoom in on the pdf. My itchy, sore, watery eyes just wouldn’t cooperate either.  I’d had little sleep due to pain from the FMS, so I turned out the light and took a nap. Hey, it was working for the cats. It was that kind of day.

Tonight everything is working again. I have my freshly-washed hair partially dry and twisted into pincurls. Hopefully  when I brush it out  in the morning it will look half-way decent for my luncheon date with SM to discuss the book plans.

Also looking forward to the sunshine promised us and a chance to enjoy an afternoon in my little hometown.

As for now, I feel the need for some beauty, some brightness and little sunshine of sorts. Hope you also enjoy this little beauty fix.







Early Armitage: Handsome Man (with Too Much Hair Product?)



Richard in a guest spot as Craig Parker in “Casualty.”  He really seemed to love the gel back in the day, which was 2001, by the way.


Also in 2001, Richard played a doctor for the first time–Dr. Tom Steele–in the BBC daytime drama “Doctors.” This physician was a far cry from the dedicated Dr. Track from 2005’s “The Golden Hour.”



The next year, Richard would go into an audition as the character and win the role of the painfully shy and awkward Yorkshire sheep farmer John Standring in “Sparkhouse”–and more than prove he wasn’t just another “pretty face.” This fella had beauty AND talent. And a whole lot more . . .


Jas reflects my own thoughts beautifully here. Thank goodness for our modest, humble, truly talented and private Mr. Armitage.

Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage

I think I mentioned this when I was doing the 30 Day Challenge, but one of the things I like best about Richard Armitage is how he manages to keep his private life out of the news. Living in an age when the lives of anyone with a public profession are splattered all over the tabloids and entertainment shows on TV, it seems like an even bigger accomplishment to not have your private affairs on display for public consumption.

His privacy has been on my mind a lot of late as I’ve noticed the uptick in searches for information about who he’s dating and if he’s married. Not because I think people shouldn’t look. Truth be told, I searched for all of that kind of stuff when I first became a fan. I tend to think it is natural curiosity that leads us to look for such information. No, it has been…

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It’s Mark & Rich! (They’re so cute.)


This photo popped up again yesterday on Twitter in a convo with Mark Atkins himself, Richard Armitage’s scale double in TH and a man with his own army now–Atkins’ Army.  I love this picture on so many levels: the camaraderie visible between these two hard-working actors, the joie de vivre we see on those faces, Mr. Armitage’s big goofy grin and those giant thumbs (Servetus surely approves); the knowledge they are taking part in a charitable fundraiser and clearly having fun while doing good.

And it doesn’t hurt that they are a couple of hotties, either. Double your pleasure, double your fun.