Early Armitage: Handsome Man (with Too Much Hair Product?)



Richard in a guest spot as Craig Parker in “Casualty.”  He really seemed to love the gel back in the day, which was 2001, by the way.


Also in 2001, Richard played a doctor for the first time–Dr. Tom Steele–in the BBC daytime drama “Doctors.” This physician was a far cry from the dedicated Dr. Track from 2005’s “The Golden Hour.”



The next year, Richard would go into an audition as the character and win the role of the painfully shy and awkward Yorkshire sheep farmer John Standring in “Sparkhouse”–and more than prove he wasn’t just another “pretty face.” This fella had beauty AND talent. And a whole lot more . . .

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  1. I’ve only seen snatches because we don’t get Casualty here but i adore Craig! Maybe he did go a little wild with the hair products but it made RA’s hair look delightfully messy. I remember those gels and the reality was that they made running fingers through one’s beloveds hair almost impossible but it’s still what i want to do when i see Craig. And the sweater was a teaser for the lovely knitwear we’ve seen recently.

    • LOL I really love the scrunchy curls myself! Yeah, there are snippets of Richard’s scenes in those shows at RANet, I believe it is (should have put that in post. Today has been a mess. Horrible weather, internet down–this post should have gone up hours ago–FMS pain, eye problems. C’est la vie) but Craig seems like a sweetie. I use a curl pomade–amplifier?–on my hair sometimes to boost the natural wave which has just increased as my hair has turned white. Once it’s dry I have to sort of separate the strands or fingers would get stuck LOL But I love the way it looks! (TBPH I have a soft spot for big hair, too 😉 )

      I also love Craig’s sweater. Makes me want to unzip that neck and nibble on his Adam’s apple, frankly. 😉

      • Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. i had a migraine last night and have the after effects today – mainly weather induced. I have to go into work for a meeting in a moment and have been roped in to setting up a room for a colleagues leaving do tonight. She’s been there for 19 years and is retiring so asked for a cocktail party. Another colleague has taken it upon herself to organise the decorations and has gone into overdrive.Heaven knows what she would be like organising a wedding if this is what happens for a office farewell. Last week we were all told only to bring food in white tableware (not a problem for me as that’s all i’ve got) then yesterday she decides she wants everything in glass. Another colleague is spitting because she bought a white bowl last week…

        Anyway, back to RA. Yum, yes, that zip needs lowering for a bit of neck nibbling…


  2. I always thought Craig was pretty gorgeous as was his sweater! I think Richard suited the mussed-up-hair look. I have only seen the bits of Casualty on RANet so can’t really judge, but I think I would certainly watch the show if I got the chance, just to see him – even for a short time. 😀 I know exactly what you mean about the zipper! 😉

  3. All I’ve seen of Craig has been those snippets, too. The hair was in style at the time; one of my colleagues even got a perm in time to go for his second honeymoon. And yeah, I’d watch almost anything if Richard were in it; I sat through “Captain America” just to see his portrayal of Heinz Kruger.

    I am so sorry you are having to endure FMS hell, and then eye problems and internet trouble on top of it. Hoping and praying that it will be better soon.

    And Bolly, my condolences on getting stuck with that farewell party stuff. No wonder you got a migraine. I count my blessings that I have only had one since I retired.

    • Back in the day I used to sometimes get my hair, which was cropped short in the back and on the sides, permed on top. Super easy, just ran some hair product through it and went on my merry way. Got a lot of compliments. My hair’s been everything from waist-length to boy-short in my half-century-plus of life. 😉 I wouldn’t want to subject my hair to those perming solutions again, though.

    • Actually, the party was lovely and i feel bad about griping now. The guest of honour was overwhelmed by how pretty the room looked and how much effort people had gone to; it turned out it was her first EVER party – never had one when she was a child and had been the organiser of parties as an adult. As she has a very nice husband i suspect she always said she didn’t want a fuss made of birthdays and he believed her! So i am conceding that the whole thing wouldn’t have come together as well without the monster party organiser!

      • I’m so glad all went well! Maybe now the guest of honour will realize that she has to say, straight out, when she would like a party. (Spouses can be rather thick about things like that.)

  4. I thought I saw that episode a year or two ago on YouTube. Maybe not. If I remember correctly, his character was a big jerk.

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