Would Richard Armitage make you plotz?: TAE Word for the Day



Those eyes get me every time.

Plotz: (verb) to collapse or to faint, as from surprise, excitement or exhaustion.

Plotz is an Americanism that arose in the 1940s. It comes from the Yiddish word platsn, which means to “crack, burst or split.” That word in turn originated from the German word blatzen or platzen.

With the likes of Comic-Con, the Black Sky set and the various premieres and Hobbit press junket events, a growing number of fans have had the opportunity to have an encounter with Mr. Armitage, whether it’s to shake his hand, get an autograph or photo, or have a snippet of conversation with him.

I still find myself wondering how I would react if I ever got to look into those beautiful eyes or had one of those spectacular smiles aimed in my direction.  Would I freeze up, would I manage to maintain my composure–would I simply plotz in the presence of such deliciousity?

The mind boggles.



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  1. That top picture alone (along with many others of him) can have much the same effect on me. 😉 If I ever (and it’s a big IF!!) actually got to meet him, I think I might be in danger of actually doing just that. I’m convinced I be weak in the knees, shaking and no doubt have palpitations! Oh yeah! I’d be “plotz-ing” big time. 😀

    BTW, it’s a great word and even sounds descriptive!!

    • I love Yiddish words, they are so expressive. 😀 Yes, I could imagine plotzing right down at his beautiful feet. 😉 And the thing is, he seems to be so sweet and kind in all these encounters, I’d hate to do something that would ever embarrass him–or ME. LOL

      • I doubt I’d do any plotzing, but otherwise we are in complete agreement. Interestingly, of those who attended premieres and who took the trouble to answer the poll on RANet, 101 of the respondents had personal contact with RA, so the possibility of meeting him may not be so remote. We know he goes to the theatre, to restaurants, and out with friends; he travels by commercial airlines; he’s worked in the Midwest U.S.; he does photo shoots; and he skis. And he knows we’re out here, worldwide, and he is sweet and kind to us. I love it that he neither hides nor flaunts, but just goes about living his life, as privately as feasible.

        • If only more could emulate him and recall that at the end of they day, they are just people too!

          As to the plotzing, I would like to think I could remain calm – did I ever tell you about the time I met the Queen of Norway? If I can hold it together with a royal bomb dog giving me the once over, I am determined to do the same in the presence of the “eyes” (and what travels with them) 🙂

          • No, I never heard that, very cool! I once had Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip drive right by me in a dark green Jag and I stood there with a camera in my hand and didn’t take a photo. I can tell you the Queen was wearing a yellow dress and matching hat. 😉

        • He certainly is a world traveler. And he’s so appreciative and understanding about it all when it comes to fans, bless his sweet heart. Richard thinks of himself as a regular guy and I think he tries to behave like one as much as possible.

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