And Some Thornton for Thursday








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  1. Love that “Thornton” one. Reminds me of some of the b&w Jimmy Stewart stills from Shop Around The Corner. Also beautifully illustrates how easily RA can go from sweet to threatening, just by using that prominent brow to throw his eyes into shadow. Very effective, only requires a slight tilt of the head. Thanks for this lovely work! 🙂

    • Love JS and Shop Around the Corner. 😀 RA can express so many emotions without speaking a word, just a slight flicker of the eyelids or twitch of the lips or tilt of the head. A master of subtlety.

      • Yes, I liked how Peter Jackson put it: Armitage can lead from a position of stillness. Crazy action could be happening all around him on the screen, but your eyes are inexorably drawn to his face, wondering what his character is thinking. I don’t know how much of that is magnificent acting, how much of it is winning the genetic lottery in terms of facial topography, or some combination of the above, but boy does he know how to make good use of it.

        The first RA wow moment I had was in the N&S “Look back at me!” scene. He barely moved a muscle, the eye movements were so subtle and yet so eloquent, and I was completely enthralled, intensely aching on behalf of Thornton, and thinking, damn, that man is a good actor.

      • He has a funny gesture that I still can’t quite place: sometimes after another actor says something, he tilts his head to the side and blinks rapidly for a second or two. I never know what emotion this gesture is conveying, just that he’s heard the words and is thinking something…mysterious. Makes you wonder, because it’s nonspecific. Effective: I suppose it allows you to impose whatever your imagination fills in there. Subtle, definitely.

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