Little Thorin needs love, too.


I was reminded today that my Twitter avi features yours truly fondly clutching Plush Thorin as I peep over his fuzzy head.

Whilst Little Thorin has been seen more than once here in the company of a certain three-legged cat (and her sister on one occasion), he’s feeling a bit . . . left out, it seems. *sigh* Demanding some special face time of his own.

(When did he start following my Twitter account? Do all the ChaRActers and their various doppelgängers now sneak around and use my computer when I am away or asleep?)

Anyway, here’s Fedoralady with her very much-loved and appreciated Little Thorin.  TWICE!

(I am just waiting for a certain TDHSK* to lodge his complaints. Fortunately he’s away servicing entertaining his many admirers.)

*Tall Dark Hot Smouldering Knight



Oops, You-Know-Who just sent me this:

BeFunky_RH3episode11_098 (2)e

Never a dull moment with the ChaRACters and their respective mini versions!!

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  1. Oh dear! I guess our beloved Dark Knight is just a tad jealous of the Majestic One, especially if he thinks you are giving him too much attention. Just give him some big hugs from me (I know you will be more than happy to oblige!) and remind him he will forever have a place in our hearts. 😉

    • Yep, he is just a bit green with envy over all the attention Thorin has gotten. If only people had been able to experience the wonder that is Guy on the big screen. *thud* Don’t worry, Guyday Friday is coming and he will be appropriately loved up. 😀

      • Guy on the big screen would be spectacular! Now that we’ve seen Richard in CA and THAUJ that way I think I want to see him that way all the time. 😉 I think Sir Peter has the right idea. Going to see movies in a cinema/theatre is the way to go. There is something special about making an even of the experience and watching with others. Roll on Black Sky, NTM The Desolation of Smaug!!

        • Richard definitely has the presence and charisma to impress on the big screen. Not true of all in his profession. Hoping we soon know more about when Black Sky will be released.

    • I’m sorry to hear you aren’t having a good day, but happy to know I made it a little better. 😀 My back is acting up again so I am about to plug in the trusty heating pad.

  2. You are a brave woman, Angie – i think we all know how Guy reacts when he is jealous…

    Did you ever find his sword? If you did, i’d be hiding it now!

    • He’s got his, it’s Mini Lego Thorin who is down to an axe and Little Thorin who is missing his oak vambrace. HOWEVER, Guy’s weapon is a magic sword that can only be used when Ladywriter says so. Because Ladywriter knows Guy very, very well . . . 😉

  3. LOL You and Little Thorin are so sweet together. You’re looking great, and Little Thorin does not seem to be suffering from all the attention. Now, if only those felines would return the love souvenirs…

    It’s already Guyday here, and if he wants to come over and sulk a bit, he’s welcome, until it’s time for him to return to Ladywriter. P.S. I have hot chocolate for breakfast.

    • Thank you. I think my affection for RA and his ChaRActers shows through. 😀 Maybe one day I will be able to reclaim the lost weaponry . . . *sigh*

      Sir Guy LIKES hot chocolate. Or is that he IS hot chocolate? I always get that confused. 😉

  4. Oh Guy there is no need to be so jealous, just because Thorin has stole the limelight for a while, like I said before you will always be my favourite.

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