Sir Guy: TOO Sexy for Nottingham?


A continued Happy Guyday Friday to you all around the world (in some cases, I guess it’s Guyday Saturday, isn’t it?).

I went outside earlier and the sunshine was deceptive. It was cold–well, cold for here–and I got chilled. Got under the covers, have a heating pad and a cozy calico cat to warm me up. But thoughts of a certain TDHSBK also bring some heat–if you know what I mean. Sometimes he’s almost TOO sexy–not that I would ever change a thing!




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  1. Not just one but TWO Guy videos! What a wonderful birthday treat for me Angie. Thank you! He really does that “smoulder” (and everything else!) so beautifully. 😉 *guh*

    • Happy Birthday, Teuchter! I hope it’s been a good one for you so far. 😀 I felt it was the perfect day to heat things up with our sexy, smouldering hotter-than-hell leather-clad henchman. 😀

      • Thanks Angie! I’ve already had a lot of messages on FB as well as cards and e-mails (including an RA related one from a special friend in Australia!! 😉 *swoon* ) and have already been taken out for lunch by one of my daughters and my son-in-law! It’s all good. 😀

        • Happy Birthday Teuchter! I saw your birthday picture on RA net and hoped I would bump into you somewhere. I know Angie won’t mind me thread napping- she generous in that!

          Sounds like you had a lovely day- good! Wishing you many more this year.

          • Thank you SO much Bolly! I think you might guess who sent me the lovely message from Australia as I believe you two have met! 😀 My birthday continues to go very well indeed and apparently the celebrations will continue into tomorrow and also next week! I should do what a friend of mine did when she turned 60 (I’m even older! OUCH!) She did something special once a month for the whole year! Don’t you agree she’s onto a good thing? 😉

            I particularly requested that POD on RA net as it was taken in Canada and it also shows both Richard AND Thorin! A two-for-one deal, as it were!!

            • Yes- your name was mentioned earlier in the week but I hadn’t realised it was your birthday. I love all the world wide friendships that come about because of RA- so special.

              A friend and I have decided that 2015 will be a year of joint treats as I will turn 50 and she will turn 70. And our mutual friends are on board to join in and are already coming up with suggestions.

              • I think that is a great idea! In our group three of us have “milestone” birthdays this year; 65, 75 and 85, so we, along with some of the others, plan to go on a trip together. BTW, I’m not 85 but I’ll leave it up to you to guess how old I really am!! 😀 Actually I have a hunch that some of you already know – darn it!

          • I did indeed have a good day and the celebrations are apparently going to continue tomorrow and into next week – so thank you Leigh, for your kind birthday wishes! I really do appreciate them.

              • I certainly plan to! I’d love it if someone could still say to me, “you’re only young once!” Those days are loooong gone but I still feel young-at-heart which to me is the main thing. God bless Richard and all of you dear folk for helping me stay that way! 😉

              • Teuchter, you are technically old enough to be my mom, but I think of you as a contemporary. And in my heart, I am not my age but much younger, too. God bless YOU for being you and the same for Richard, too!

  2. You spoil us with two videos! Lovely Guy…swoon… I know this is controversial but I did love the hair in S1 & 2. S3 was a bit ’80’s heavy metal band. (I’ll be hiding behind the sofa if anyone is looking for me).

    • I love all his looks(those fetching curls at the nape of his neck) but I do have a particular soft spot for the mane. 😉 And I am not usually into long hair on a guy (or eye makeup, or tattoos or . . . ) LOL We’ll keep your place in the Naughty Castle, you don’t have to hide. :S

    • Loved the hair – and also the clothes – in all three series/seasons! Anyway, who was actually concentrating on the hair when we had the whole guy/Guy to feast our eyes on? 😉

      • Because the whole thing was so full of anachronisms, I didn’t mind that Guy’s hair changed styles and got longer. The real 12th century style for a knight would not have suited him as well: “soup bowl” cut with shaved neck. The Normans were very keen on bathing, shaving, and keeping their hair trimmed, that is, until the clergy started preaching about vanity and closing bath houses. Me, I’ll have Guy any which way…

        • Yeah, I mean, with RH, you just had to go with the flow and accept it wasn’t a factual documentary. 😉 I was watching Shakespeare Uncovered about Henry IV and V earlier tonight and saw actors with those soup bowl haircuts, including Branagh and Olivier, It’s not a flattering look. The whole “cleanliness is next to godliness” concept didn’t come about until much later; the church back in the day taught personal filth was indeed a sign of humility and piety.

  3. Co-la-breith sona dhut, Teuchter! It sounds as though you’re having wonderful celebrations and many more to come. Enjoy all the attention!

  4. Happy Birthday, Teuchter! You are only as old as your feel! I spend my days alternating between about 25 and 5! It’s so liberating to dance silly songs with a bunch of kindergarten kids! I highly recommend it for when you feel old or blue!

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