Blogiversary beautiful RA boyz!


ep1_021ccThanks for all the good wishes for TAE first blogiversary, folks! Here are some images of our favorite RA chaRActers to enjoy.

Rumor has it that some familiar faces will be dropping by a little later . . . I will update you. Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Blogiversary Day and Happy Saturday! πŸ˜€

11 (2)ccc




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  1. Forgive my lateness in sending congratulations on your first blogiversary. Wow! That sure went by quickly. What great times we have had yet many of us who meet here have gone through some tough times too; heart-ache, indifferent health and even bereavements in some cases during this past year. Somehow, speaking for myself, I have always found this a great place to come to for support and encouragement, not to mention the fun we have had with all the exciting things that have happened, especially in the last few months! Great and memorable times indeed. Of course we will never forget the amazingly gorgeous and brilliant man who brought us all together in the first place and with whom, I confess, I happily spend a good part of my day – little does he know it! πŸ˜‰ LOL!

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