The lads are looking forward to it . . .


As we start a new blog year here at TAE, some of the lads said they wanted to weigh in on what they hope to bring to readers– in between eating enormous pieces of chocolate cake, that is.  I have to say they are a brood of chocoholics.  Not that I mind!befunkyjohnsbefunkygog


Befunky thorinbefunkycbeebiesbEFUNKYPORTAHBefunkylucas



befunky rich

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      • These days, it feels like a game of “Where’s Waldo?” only “Where’s Richard?” I wonder if he’d like someone to manage his frequent-flyer accounts…

  1. As you start the second year of your blog I think we can all shout with Bilbo – “I’m going on an adventure”! These are great pictures, and there is something very endearing about that little flyaway bit of hair in the last picture that always seems to defy being tamed. 🙂

    I’m also sure that whatever is in Richard’s future, that I won’t be the only one saying, “I will happily go along for the ride”. I truly believe it’s going to be a great one! 😉 T

    • I think we are indeed very happily going on a great adventure with our fearless leader, Mr. Armitage. I have an odd little sway at the back of my crown that doesn’t ever quite want to behave, so I can sympathize with Rich’s naughty hair! LOL

  2. Yes please to many more adventures with the chaRActers and their Creator on your blog. What a lovely surprise for me last night. channel hopping when I came across the start of the Ricky Deeming episode in the George Gently series. Mmmm, what a treat! Black leather and talking of touching the darkness reminded me so much of Guy.

  3. Hurrah! Looking forward to another year with all of the above!!! Congratulations on your one year anniversary Angie! I know I am fairly new to it but have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog – you are a great writer (and quite the comedian at times!) here’s to another year of your blog, of Richarding, of swooning and eating chocolate cake.

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