Counting sheep or counting Lucases?


My eyes are playing up on me again so here I am, wearing my reading glasses on top of my battered old bifocals. Looks ridiculous but hey, it works! 😉

I just put in more allergy drops and took some Aleve earlier for a nagging headache. Watching a late night re-broadcast of Inspector Lewis Mysteries I must have missed on the first go-round on PBS and trying to wind down.  All the sleep I got was during the day (one of those nights I couldn’t rest if my life had depended on it) and hoping for better results tonight.

I have to confess I am feeling excited about the announcement from the University of Leicester re Richard III and possible comments to come from RA regarding it.  When I am eagerly anticipating something it makes resting even more difficult. My body gets tired, but my brain refuses to let go.  Lots of thoughts whirling through my mind . . .



Yes, I even wear out my sheep some nights, poor things.  I bet Lucas can relate, although the thoughts that crowd my mind are likely of a more pleasant quality than his . . .



Now, if I can fall asleep and have some of the vivid dreams I have had in recent months, perhaps it could feature something like this:


I could live with that. Yeah, works for me.

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  1. Oh, yeah, I can see counting Lucases, too. However, I recently had a very frustrating dream. I was getting Guy out of his S3 clothes, and every time I was close to pulling down those marvelous trousers, I’d suddenly find myself reaching to undo the first jacket buckle again. I was inside a gif!

  2. Sorry that you are suffering with sleeplessness again. It’s a beggar isn’t it? I went to a sleep conference (in a professional capacity although i would be a liar if i said there wasn’t some personal interest too). Frankly the 6 hour power point presentation was enough to cure insomnia and if only i could have brought home a DVD with all the sleep/ brain activity flows charts on and burnt them for all my sleepless clients, i would be home and hosed. I did come home with some strategies, most of which you probably know. Being in pain is not conducive to sleep no matter how hard you try, is it?

    But thinking nice thoughts and having idle fantasies – nothing too racy (no wonder your brain is getting in the way of you helping Guy out of his trousers, Leigh you naughty girl!) is on the list so go for it with the lovely Lucas, Angie!

  3. Who would want to think of sheep when we have the luscious Lucas to fixate on? 😉 Your S9 Lucas with his John Porter body certainly captures the imagination and I know where it takes mine. Coincidentally that episode was on our local PBS last Wednesday. Naturally I recorded it so I could slow-mo the crucial bits later! 😀 Some great gifs have been made of that “putting on the black tanktop” scene and some have even reversed it so that he appears to be taking it off!! *guh*

    Seriously, insomnia is no laughing matter. Thankfully I rarely suffer from it, but when I do find myself wakeful I can usually coax myself into a sleepy mode by reading until my eyes get heavy again and I can switch off the light. Since I have had no-one to share my bed with (nor do I plan to!!) for nearly eleven years now, at least I’m not disturbing anyone!

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