To play the King–or not.


I took the day off today.  Once I had experienced first-hand the excitement over the RIII announcement early this morning and had written my post (I felt like a reporter again, That felt good), I decided to go to bed. The itchy, sticky, weepy, tired eyes needed a good rest and my head ached as if it did, too.

So for a good 12 hours I stayed away from the computer, TV, Kindle and books. I slept. I played with the cats,who were cuddling together in a pretty adorable way.  I “thunk” a bit.

The eyes do feel better, even if the head is achy.  I’ve just skimmed through all my e-mail–looks like there’s a lot of interest amongst RA bloggers and blog readers about the big announcement. And then Servetus posted this screencap from the BBC documentary that aired tonight showing the results of the facial reconstruction done based on RIII’s skull:



Is it just me, or does Richard indeed bear a distinct resemblance to the last Plantagenet King?

Of course, assuming the RIII project does get off the ground (and can there possibly be a better time to get this ball rolling than now?? Not to mention the indomitable Philippa Langley is involved!) Richard may not want to play the lead role.

As some have pointed out, he seems to be more interested in getting Richard III’s story told in a more truthful manner than it has been  in the past, rather than in actually playing the part.  Perhaps he would want to play a supporting role such as Warwick. Perhaps he simply wants to work behind the camera as a director to fulfill those particular career ambitions.  Maybe he’d like a supporting role and  be involved in producing/directing. It’s all speculation at the moment.

I just know I want to see this production become a reality, because it’s been such a long-held dream for him. It almost seems destined to be part of his life.

However, if he should end up playing the King, I believe he’d do the role great justice.

He certainly looks the part.

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  1. All very true, Angie.

    We went to see Silver Lining Playbook last weekend, which was produced by and starred Bradley Cooper. BC does remind me somewhat of RA (who is, admittedly never far from my thoughts! 😉 ) and so it wasn’t long before i was thinking that the stars seem aligned for RA to now dip his toe into production, which is something i believe he has expressed an interest in before. It seems to be the way the smart actors get interesting and meaningful stories made.

    I have great faith that whatever he decides, it will be a good decision for him – as i’ve said previously, he seems to have a 6th sense when it comes to good projects (and a good sense of when to get out!) And if he does decide he would like to play RIII – like Thorin, it may be the role he cannot bear NOT to play – i think he would be convincing. He still manages to look 30 in some candid photo’s and he’s played 5’2″ so 5’8″ would be a walk in the park!

    But if RA decides he does not want to be involved in any form, i still hope we will soon see a lavish and well balanced account of RIII’s life brought to the screen for it is a truly fascinating story.

    • That’s my feeling–that somehow all this is coming about at the right time for Richard. His profile is so much higher in the biz now that’s he wowed audiences as Thorin. He’s surely learned a lot to re the production and direction side of things during his long sojourn in NZ. He’s always struck me as someone who takes it all in. He’s made influential contacts. And he’s a smart, savvy guy.

      I think it’s sort of neat that Ilaria also styles Bradley. Bradley has those pretty eyes, great smile and strong masculine features, too. I would love to see SLP but it may be I’ll have to wait for DVD.

  2. Like Bolly, I have a lot of faith in Richard’s ability to make good decisions. I don’t think he would have a problem playing the king, what with his gifts and skill set, and now this remakable resemblance. Still, Richard may be more interested in moving the project forward and well, rather than taking the lead role. I hope we see the project come to fruition beautifully. Auspiciously, the white roses in my courtyard are blooming today.

    • Ah, I see those white roses as another sign. 😉 And may RA do whatever he wishes, but I do think he’ll want to be involved in some way with the project, it having been such a long-held dream for him. May everything work out for our darling Richard!

  3. Just a thought: I’ll preface this by saying I’m the last person to be making this sort of comment having two children who could not look more dissimilar, however…
    Edward IV was over 6ft (literally a “giant” in those times), large-framed and blond. In the documentary they repeatedly pointed out how slender – almost feminine – Richard’s bones were. I now wonder whether there really was truth to the rumour that their mother, Anne Neville, “played away”, and any foundation to the accusation that Edward IV was fathered by someone other than Richard Plantaganet, 3rd Duke of York.

    • Haven’t there been rumours about Edwards parentage before? I might be getting the wrong king but I thought he was the one whose father was known to be elsewhere on a battlefield 9 months before he was born.

    • Oh sorry wydville- I’ve just reread your comment and I think that’s the rumour you were referring to. So I’m agreeing!

        • Oh, I agree! That would be a very interesting experiment! However, having a brother over 6ft, blond, athletic, and a math whiz and then you see me, 5 ft, brown hair, klutzy and a reader, I know first hand of siblings who are completely different. So, who knows…but this is fascinating stuff!

            • LOL! Yes, I think you are right. Some asked about the Royal family’s involvement in that Q&A with Langley and Foxhall and one of the ladies said, well, they aren’t related to Richard. 😉

          • Yeah, it’s amazing how unalike siblings can be. I had fraternal twin nephews (one sadly passed away a few years ago) and they looked nothing alike– sturdy blue-eyed blonde and fragile dark-eyed boy with dark hair. It is indeed fascinating stuff and I think this discovery will ignite interest in young people in archaeology, paleontology, and other areas.

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