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Richard’s scale/stunt double gets moment in spotlight


Mark Atkins, one of the people I follow on Twitter, is also the scale double and stunt performer for Richard in The Hobbit trilogy. Mark was spotlighted in a local UK newspaper this week and I wanted to share the link with you. From everything I understand, he’s a very nice young man (several fans got to meet and dine with him in Wellington as I recall). And I didn’t know he used to be a police officer! There are also some nice pix with the story, including one of his proud mum and a shot of Mark with PJ.


It can’t hurt to run this cute pic of Rich and Mark at a charity event once again. A couple of hotties!

The King in the Carpark Video & A Voice from the Past


In case you are like me and you didn’t get to see the Channel Four documentary, “The King in the Car Park,” here it is on YouTube. Thanks to @Sinjoor for the heads up at Twitter!

I am downloading it, as it takes forever for anything over a few minutes to buffer here on my Not-So-High Speed connection, so I have only seen the first couple of minutes. Should make for fascinating viewing!

Now we know what the King looked like. But how might he have sounded?

When reading the second book in Deborah Harkness‘s “All Souls” trilogy (the series that feature the Matthew Clairmont character many are clamoring for RA to play) I was struck with just how difficult it would actually be to go back in time and communicate with people who lived centuries before you–even if you did ostensibly speak the same language.  The heroine is a 21st century scholar who believes she will be able to fit into Elizabethan society pretty effortlessly.
It’s not quite as easy as she thinks, from her size (as tall as most men of the day, if not taller) and the way she moves to the way she sounds (no one can understand her strange accent).   If you want a sampling of what scholars believe Richard III speaking the King’s (15th century) English would sound like, scroll down through this post linked below until you get to the 1:10 second Telegraph video. I tried to embed it but it kept disappearing on me. Sounds a bit Scottish, doesn’t he?


York or Leicester: Where should RIII be laid to rest?


Richard III may have been dead for more than 500 years, but he’s in the midst of a battle once again.

Now that the remains under the car park in Leicester  have been identified as belonging to Richard III, the much-maligned king is suddenly in demand. York and Leicester are now doing battle (albeit in a civilized manner, thank goodness) over where the King’s final resting place should be.


Coat of Arms of King Richard III of England

Coat of Arms of King Richard III of England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a shot of the plastic facial reconstruction of Richard III Photo courtesy of Justin Tallis/Getty Images

a shot of the plastic facial reconstruction of Richard III Photo courtesy of Justin Tallis/Getty Images

I would love to hear from readers their thoughts on the subject. I find it all a bit ironic, somehow. Poor man, brutally killed and humiliated in death, tossed in a river and finally buried in a spot too small for him and vilified for centuries . . . and now two cities are at war over who gets to properly lay him to rest.

In addition, here are links to two articles that I found well worth reading on the subject of the RIII discovery