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Oh, I love them both.



Guy will always be my first RA love. But I do have quite a strong affection for a certain long-maned, soulful-eyed bearded warrior prince who also can be a bit prickly at times. And I have a big heart . . . and arms that heartily embrace both these complex, complicated, beautiful, regal, passionate creatures.





rh209_064alphathorinonthewayprince of hearts guy



Is Richard in talks for RIII project?


According to Richard Armitage Net, Philippa Langley spoke with Radio Leicester today about the RIII project.  During the interview, Langley said Richard Armitage is currently in Los Angeles pitching the film project (aha! So that’s why he went!) and that a major distributor is on board.  Ali caught the last 12 minutes of the interview, and has a link to that audio. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work, but thought some of you might have better luck:

I did get it to work and learned RA first read Philippa’s script back in 2005.  So they’ve been acquainted for quite a while.  And there’s mention of both a television series and a big screen project as well as Richard being Philippa’s first choice to play the lead role: “I can’t see past him at this point.”


I have to agree with her. I am tired of seeing the same stories told over and over again on the screen. Let’s explore something else for a change.

This is all exciting news, I have to say, both for Ricardians and Richardettes. 😉

Your thoughts?

Wrong time period, but he does make a dashing king, does he not?

Wrong time period, but he does make a dashing king, does he not?