Is Richard in talks for RIII project?


According to Richard Armitage Net, Philippa Langley spoke with Radio Leicester today about the RIII project.  During the interview, Langley said Richard Armitage is currently in Los Angeles pitching the film project (aha! So that’s why he went!) and that a major distributor is on board.  Ali caught the last 12 minutes of the interview, and has a link to that audio. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work, but thought some of you might have better luck:

I did get it to work and learned RA first read Philippa’s script back in 2005.  So they’ve been acquainted for quite a while.  And there’s mention of both a television series and a big screen project as well as Richard being Philippa’s first choice to play the lead role: “I can’t see past him at this point.”

I have to agree with her. I am tired of seeing the same stories told over and over again on the screen. Let’s explore something else for a change.

This is all exciting news, I have to say, both for Ricardians and Richardettes. 😉

Your thoughts?

Wrong time period, but he does make a dashing king, does he not?

Wrong time period, but he does make a dashing king, does he not?

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  1. A single movie would be good if they were doing, say, just the events leading up to the Battle of Bosworth. if it were meant to be an examination of his whole life, I’d say at least a two-parter.

    • Hi, thanks for commenting and welcome! I just updated the post BTW, after actually getting to listen to interview. I agree that a full examination of Richard’s life would really need a mini-series to fully do justice to the man.

  2. Oh, that’s a really interesting question! I think it would need to be a mini-series to really make sense of the complicated story. Maybe, they could do something similar to The Tudors!

    • Thankfully I managed to listen to the audio and updated the post. I didn’t realize Richard had known Philippa since 2005, but should have made connection that she was scriptwriter. I’ve thought the same thing re The Tudors, perhaps a more historically correct version (TT did take some liberties) but with those same lush production values.

      • I agree! I’m just getting a good laugh over the undersized actor who played big, old Henry VIII and big, old Richard playing a small Richard III! What a flip flop!

      • “Liberties”? I could not watch “The Tudors” with my daughter without spluttering angrily and laughing like a fool; she told me to shut up and enjoy the story. Well, that’s what people have been doing with Shakespeare for centuries. I really, really hope that the Richard III project is a lot closer to historical truth, and with RA and Philippa pushing forward, we just might get it.

        • I don’t think either Richard or Philippa would want to be a part of anything that wasn’t a lot closer to facts rather than political spin of the day. They both strike me as people who won’t back down easily.

          As for The Tudors, well, of course they took a lot of liberties, I was just using British understatement. 😉 I think I watched as much for the gorgeous costumes and the locations as anything (I didn’t watch Robin Hood for historical accuracy, either, seemed to have something to do with the hottie in black leather LOL) I certainly wasn’t watching TT for JRM, an actor who has always given off a distinctly creepy vibe for me. He didn’t look at all like Henry and I just never believed him in that role. Not saying he’s a bad actor, I just think they cast the role aiming for sexiness instead of who could have best played role. I fondly remember Keith Michell’s performance in The Six Wives of Henry VIII from my childhood days, I suppose.

          Keeping fingers crossed a more accurate production with a strong cast and strong production values is in the future.

        • Me too! I watched the first couple of episodes of The Tudors and turned it off in disgust! If you’re going to make an historical drama then for goodness sake make it historically accurate. Grrrr.
          I really think a mini series is the only way to do a story like RIchard lll justice – if its done well then it could be a great show

  3. Here’s my two cents…I think it really depends on what they are trying to achieve. If they only want to tell the Bosworth story, a feature film could work, but if the intention is to set RIII back into a context that would give an alternative to the Shakespearean tradition, a mini series/series would seem to give the ability to cover more time without redacting the story beyond recognition. I think of the difference between Elizabeth staring Cate Blanchett and the HBO series Elizabeth I with Helen Mirren…both powerful performances, but huge difference in how the scope was handled.

  4. I think Richard III’s story is too rich for a single feature film, even if certain parts are truncated to make it work better cinematically. I’d like to see a mini-series, maybe three two-hour segments, with strong production values, enough budget, and good talent. I can see actors and actresses on the phone to their agents, begging to get a piece of the action.

    Still, if all we can have is the Bosworth story, like Obscura says, a feature film could work.

    None of the actors I have seen play Richard III (Shakespeare’s version, films and theatre) have been short, so I don’t see why there’s an issue over RA’s height. Richard is also younger and younger-looking than most actors who have tackled the role. He has the physical skills to play a warrior king; if there was any doubt, Thorin is proof. There is now no doubt he could look the part.

    • I want a not-so-mini series! A lovely long lavish series with a huge budget.

      I don’t understand why RA’s height would be a problem if he plays Richard- couldn’t they just cast a lot of tall actors alongside him? Edward IV might have to stand on a box but if Tom Cruise’s co stars can stand in ditches, a box seems a minor inconvenience.

      • Yes, I’d love a long, lavish series, too, but I was thinking of the kind of commitments they’d have to get from the studio, the production people, and the actors to do that.

        Why not cast Rupert Penry-Jones as Edward IV (if he’s available)? He’s tall, no box required; he’s worked with Richard before, albeit briefly; he’s got the looks and the diction; and he can act. Anyone know what he’s doing these days?

        • RPJ would make a wonderful Edward; i think that might make my happiness complete! 😉

          But he might still need the box as he is about the same height as RA (IMDB says 6’2″ and he doesn’t seem to be still growing 😉 ) and would need to be a few inches taller.

          As for what RPJ is up to – Whitechapel and Silk. Have you seen either of them stateside? IMDB also mentions something called The Last Weekend but that hasn’t made it to Oz yet.

          • I haven’t seen either. I’m not in the U.S., but in the wilds of Andalucia, in the mountains of southern Spain, where we don’t get much TV at all unless we pay for satellite. Are either Whitechapel or Silk BBC1? I can sometimes get those streamed at

            • While we’re playing at casting, what do you think of Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth Woodville? Maybe Maggie Smith as Henry VI’s queen, Margaret? Judy Dench as Tudor’s mother? Helen Mirren as Lady Stanley? Kirsten Scott-Thomas as Cecily Neville? Who would you choose for Anne? For Edward IV’s daughters? Then there’s the men…

            • I don’t know which BBC channels they come on. Whitechapel has been shown on BBCA and I have some of the DVDs. Silk has been recommended to me at Amazon UK but haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

              • Sorry Leigh- I think I just assumed you were in the US as you are often around at the same time as Angie. Of course Angie is often around late at night so I should have thought you might be elsewhere. What a beautiful part of the world you live in though.

                Silk is well worth the price of the DVD. I highly recommend.

              • Nah, we’re just soul sisters and fellow Ardent Armitage Aficionados. 😉 She’s an American, too, but Spanish in her heart. Thanks for the recommendation.

              • That’s okay, Bolly. Like Angie, I have FMS, so my schedule can get weird. Yes, it is beautiful here, more so than any photos can show.

                I’ll have to get the DVD then. I have to sort out a post office box before I order, though. The mail service in my village is not what it should be. Yesterday, I found my phone/WiFi bill tucked under my neighbor’s door…

          • Well, I’ve always wanted to get Richard and RPJ back together again, they had nice chemistry onscreen in Spooks and looked so great together–two tall good looking men, one dark and one fair-haired.

      • There’s lots of tricks that can be used to make actors look taller or shorter, I really don’t see the height as a problem. Man can play a dwarf, man can play a shortish guy.

  5. I may have squeed when I read this news *sigh* there really is no hope for me.
    After so many years, that this project is looking very possible now, makes me very, very happy for Richard. Regardless of what role he ends up taking on, in front of the camera or behind the scenes, I’m so excited that his wish to see this through to fruition may actually happen. Like the Thorin role, everything seems to have led up to this point, especially the discovery of Richard III’s remains, the stars have aligned, and it all couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. Fingers crossed for you, our darling man!!!

    Oh, and I’d love to see a mini-series, to cover the RIII story properly, but especially if Richard is in the lead role, the more screen time with him the better! 😉

    • PS My Fault magazine arrived this morning, yaaayyy! Droogling over the RA pages, but kind of wishing the grainy images had been left clear.

      • Someone in California got theirs today. Still no word on anyone in Midwest or Eastern US receiving theirs yet. I know what you mean about the images. I think from a purely artistic standpoint, they are amazing; from a fangirl’s standpoint, we’d like our beautiful RA to be less gritted up. 😉

        • I’m surprised I’ve got mine before others, we’re so far away down here. Maybe they’re sending them out as they received the orders. I jumped in very quickly so that I wouldn’t miss out on the RA cover. When I pulled the magazine out of its bag I had a moment’s panic that they’d sent the wrong version, then I turned it over and all was right with the world again. 😉

    • I am very excited for him and I really do have this sense that it’s destiny for him to be involved in this project. I kept getting chills down my spine listening to the conference on the radio, and then watching the documentary, and now hearing Philippa speak of RA’s involvement. Someone commented on Twitter that she was either on crack or had the ear of the King Under the Mountain. Someone else said she’d be a fool to speak for him if things hadn’t been set in motion and “I don’t think the woman’s a fool.” I don’t think so, either. This whole project means far too much to Langley and others to jeopardize it by speaking out of turn IMHO.

  6. I don’t think a film would do justice to either Richard III or our wish to see more of Richard himself so I’m definitely for a mini-series. I didn’t watch The Tudors as the series played havoc with history in a manner that irritated me, so with this I would like to see good actors in meaty roles. Historical themes if well done can certainly capture a tv audience. I vividly remember I, Claudius with Derek Jacobi back in the day.

  7. I am not sure if a movie or mini-series or both of Richard III. But Rupert Penry-Jones as Edward what a great idea. Since Spooks I would like to see them both together again in something. It is because of RPJ that I really took notice of Richard. It has been awhile since I checked to see what RPJ is doing, so I just checked out my favorite RPJ site to see what he is doing. Regarding Rupert Penry-Jones is good site to check up on what he is filming. In January he starting on Whitechapel 4. It will be out on BBC in the fall and hopefully soon after on BBCA. My husband and I really like this show and have seen the first 3. RPJ will be filming Silk later in the year. There was a mention that Silk might be on PBS, but I am not sure about that. I have Treasure Island on DVD since I missed on Sy-Fy last June ( to busy Richarding and forgot to look). And now with this update on RPJ it is back to Richarding.

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