Oh, I love them both.



Guy will always be my first RA love. But I do have quite a strong affection for a certain long-maned, soulful-eyed bearded warrior prince who also can be a bit prickly at times. And I have a big heart . . . and arms that heartily embrace both these complex, complicated, beautiful, regal, passionate creatures.





rh209_064alphathorinonthewayprince of hearts guy



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  1. I, too, love them both. How could I not? They represent different aspects, in my mind, and I need them both. Then I look at these pictures and go *gunh* all over again.

  2. Sir Guy is strutting his stuff on my screens every evening at present so he’s definitely top of my list. I’m enjoying him so much that Mr MillyMe has stopped commenting on my drooling and has succumbed to the man’s acting chops.

    • That’s the thing–yes, he’s sexy and charming and beautiful, but the man can ACT and then when/if the guys see his interviews and behind-the-scenes material, they also see what a genuinely nice man RA is. Hard to dislike this fellow.

    • Ah the same is happening in our house! I simply must watch at least one episode a night and hubby has actually sat down a couple of times and watched a few bits (but then, after a particularly loud sigh from me will then tut and remove himself to his computer room!)

  3. Oh, what wonderful choices we now have when we want to watch Richard! He makes you fall in love with all of his various characters!

  4. Hmmmm, decisions decisions. I do desperately adore Thorin as you know, but Sir Guy is just so damn delicious too! Whats a girl to do but just simply choose both!?

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