Thorin Thursday: He’s beautiful. He’s bad-ass. And he’s mine! (I wish)











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              • I find that I’m missing Thorin!! Yes, crazy, I know! If I lived closer to the theater, I would’ve been to see it more than twice!

              • They started running it just at night here and I would have been quite late getting home. I don’t like driving late at night if I can avoid it. My vision seems to deteriorate. 😦

              • I was hoping for a third viewing, but it’s gone from the local cinema now after being down to one session late at night. There’s still the possibility of seeing it at a cinema an hour’s drive away, but I find that, as much as I’m missing Thorin too, knowing that the DVD is out in a few weeks’ time, I’m able to wait. Quite happy then to sit at home on my own, watching it on our big screen TV and making as much noise as I like! And to use the remote repeatedly of course! 😉

  1. We’re doing New Zealand at school at present which gave me the excellent opportunity as English teacher of watching the 10 minute televsion special on the making of The Hobbit in class yesterday. Being the exemplary teacher that I am, there was no occasion to melt or swoon, but I will admit to a swelling of the heart and a fierce pride every time Richard and Thorin were on the screen! I have some Tolkien fans in the class already, but I’m certain several Thorin fans were born.

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