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Really, you can make anybody look kinda glamourous. Or colorful.



Ah, the fun of photo editing . . .

Just a girl, her cat and her gouache effect.

Just a girl, her cat and her gouache effect.

The things one can do!

Or have a  bit of a sun-kissed glow!

How about a bit of a sun-kissed glow!


Or maybe I’ll try the look of Van Gogh?


Or maybe watercolor is where it’s at . . . I don’t know.


Maybe I'll just be myself--more or less. ;)

Maybe I’ll just be myself–more or less. 😉

Some RA Silliness. Just because.

Indiana Armitage, anyone?

Indiana Armitage, anyone?

I have been watching/reading a lot of serious stuff of late between certain documentaries, films and magazine articles (more on some of this later) and needed a bit of a break tonight, So I’ve been playing around again in photo editing with images of Mr. Armitage and a few of myself and just having fun.


Oh, bien sur, il est un homme formidable!

Rambotage (or Armbo?) takes aim at my poor heart and hits it every time. 😉

ThatMulligan. He never gives up.

That Mulligan. He never gives up.

There be piiiiii-rates! Arghhhhh . . . Ahhhh-rimtage.

There be piiiiii-rates! Arghhhhh . . . Ahhhh-armitage.

The sultan has arrived.

The sultan has arrived.

RA shooting more ‘Black Sky’ in LA with movie sons


According to a Tweet today by young Nathan Kress Richard Armitage is currently doing more work on the upcoming movie Black Sky.  Richard plays widowed teacher Gary Morris, dad to two sons played by Kress and Max Deacon (here’s the Tweet):

“So pumped to shoot more Black Sky stuff today with @MaxD9 and Richard! I finally get to be Trey again!”

Love that youthful enthusiasm.


Nathan at last year's Kid'sChoice Awards. Re the cardi, like father, like son?

Nathan at last year’s Kid’sChoice Awards. Re the cardi, like father, like son?

Thought it would be fun to revisit Nathan’s uStream video describing working with that “super-nice” Richard Armitage and his intimidating yelling dad technique (no doubt perfected whilst playing Thorin!).

And here’s a little snippet of Nathan talking about the characters of Trey and Donnie, the roles he and Max Deacon play in Black Sky.

Max Deacon in an earlier film role, "Flashbacks of a Fool," which also featured Jodhi May of "Strike Back" in a supporting role.

Max Deacon in an earlier film role, “Flashbacks of a Fool,” which also featured Jodhi May of “Strike Back” in a supporting role.

Can’t wait to meet Gary, Donnie and Trey on the big screen in Black Sky!  It should be super-awesome! 😀

And now, for a little more RA . . .


TORn presents Hobbit fanmade cover art!


Check out the entries in TORn’s Fanmade Blu-ray Hobbit cover! There are some really clever designs, including one for which you need 3D glasses. I agree with Mr. Cere at TORn: many of these could go toe-to-toe with the actual cover art. Great job, fans!!