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      • Yes, whatever it takes… although I have the feeling that where I would draw the line is where he would draw it as well. Aesthetics are just that; ethics are not negotiable.

        • I was thinking more in terms of aesthetics, although if he wanted me to get one of those Extreme Makeovers I’d have to say no. However, he doesn’t strike me as the type who would want a Plastic Barbie Doll of a woman, anyway. And I’ve always said the darling man had integrity. 😀

          • Yes he strikes me as the kind of person who really wouldn’t be too bothered about the shallowness of how someone looks – although I think I would certainly do all the above so I was as prepared as I could be for any eventuality! 😉

          • I don’t know what an “Extreme Makeover” would entail, but it does not sound desirable. I don’t think Richard would want a Barbie either.

            • A TV show that took “homely” people and subjected them to multiple plastic surgeries as well as cosmetic dentistry, changes in hair, makeup and wardrobe and so forth. Hence the “extreme” aspect of it. Then they would do a big reveal to their family and friends. I will never forget the little boy who was so confused because he did not recognize Mommy anymore. She looked like a different person, after all. 😦 Now I understand they are bringing the show back, only using (one assumes) D-list celebrities as the subjects. As EW’s Bullseye said, too bad you can’t get makeovers for the soul.

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