Really, you can make anybody look kinda glamourous. Or colorful.



Ah, the fun of photo editing . . .

Just a girl, her cat and her gouache effect.

Just a girl, her cat and her gouache effect.

The things one can do!

Or have a  bit of a sun-kissed glow!

How about a bit of a sun-kissed glow!


Or maybe I’ll try the look of Van Gogh?


Or maybe watercolor is where it’s at . . . I don’t know.


Maybe I'll just be myself--more or less. ;)

Maybe I’ll just be myself–more or less. 😉

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  1. Photoshop is fun, but you yourself are glamourous and lovely. Remember “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? I’m sure that Benny (and Guy) find you utterly irresistible just the way you are.

    • Ah well, thank you. I know I don’t look like I did 25 years ago, but if I DID there might be something involving a deal with the devil. 😉 Rather have some character in my face than to be nipped, snipped, tucked and Botoxed into cookie-cutter oblivion. I find it painful to watch people who have been.

      • I agree. I was chatting with some friends about face cream, and one asked about “wrinkle remover.” I just laughed and said that I’ve earned all mine; there’s no point in hiding them. However, I could wish for a way to eliminate scarring; I am no longer comfortable wearing anything that shows mine, at least in public.

        • If you reach a certain age and you don’t have a few lines and crinkles, you just look–odd. That’s why I appreciate Richard’s natural beauty. I understand about the scarring. There’s a reason why I always have bangs (fringe). I have some keloid scars on one side of my forehead from shattered windshield glass. They’ve faded a lot in the 30 years since that accident but I still feel somewhat self-conscious about them. I have a few surgical scars but most are easy to hide under clothing, and an old scar on my knee from a long-ago meeting with a barbed-wire fence. 😉 Give me another few years and who knows? We all undergo wear and tear from this thing called life.

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