Is it just me . . .


Or can you see a hint of chest hair sprouting up at the opening in Mr. A’s very flattering loden green shirt? Do you feel the need to do further exploration, maybe undo another button or two . . . lightly run your fingertips across that jaw, the stubble grazing your skin, then through his soft-looking hair, rumpling it just a bit? Do you think about noshing on that alluring column of throat, inhaling his masculine scent?

Oh heavens, Mr. Armitage, what the sight of you can do to a mild-mannered, happily married woman.  I really must try to go to sleep now.  Not sure if this is going to help . . .

But I just had to have a peek.


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  1. Wonder what “smelly” he uses… I have a very dear friend who, every time she kisses Husband, exclaims at how “delicious” he smells.

    • I’ve often wondered what he smells like . . . he probably doesn’t use scent when he works, possibility of allergy problems with other actors and such, but those who met him and been in close contact said he smelled nice and clean. 😉 Wonder if he does have a certain cologne he likes to break out on special occasions . . .

      • The two Chinese-American girls who met him during the filming of Spooks 8 said his cologne was “heavenly”. I imagine a light “green” scent for him, nothing too oriental. “L’Eau d’Hadrien” by Annick Goutal, for example, or “Iskander” by Parfums d’Empire. “Spice and Wood” or “Neroli Sauvage” by Creed. (Yes, I am a scent nut, and scent-wise, I am dort of transvertite 😉 ).

        • Oooh, I like your suggestions, Nietzsche. I can’t see him wearing anything too heavy, either. More green and a tad woodsy, perhaps . . . I like imagining how the various characters smell, too. 😀

  2. Have me laughing here. And gasping for air, no it’s not just you and I hadn’t noticed. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. Hope you sleep well 🙂

    • Glad I could give you a giggle, Karina. 😉 The possible chest chair has been weighing on my mind and I just had to share my burden! 😉 Thanks, darling, I shall try. Our weather is very unsettled.

  3. I must admit the chest hair was the first thing i noticed. I love men’s body hair – i know it’s not fashionable now but it appeals to my base instincts. I just can’t help myself. It pleases me enormously to know that RA has chest hair in RL.


    • I don’t like it when men are overly manicured or “manscaped” would be the current term, I guess. Now, I don’t care for excessively hairy men (Robin Williams comes to mind. That hairy BACK!), but a little chest chair has never, ever bothered me. 😀

      I HATE men with obviously waxed brows. It is just a major turnoff. You can pluck ’em a bit, fellas, but don’t get carried away! You are a GUY, after all. Look like one!

      Nothing wrong with appealing to base instincts. 😉 Richard punches a lot of my base instinct buttons. *thud*

  4. Oh it’s not just you Angie! I noticed his chest hair in the photo of him dressed as Thorin holding the Lego mini Thorin (you know the one I mean… The one that I drool over!) and have wondered about it as in other pics/shows he is always so *ahem* smooth (sir guy is so very smooth😉)
    Now, as for that exploring…

    • We know he’s waxed his chest for past roles such as Ultimate Force, Spooks and RH. Then we did see a bit of chest hair on Porter (Portah is not a guy who would wax. Just–no.) I remember Richard saying he always wanted chest hair when he was a kid and drew some on with a magic marker once. LOL I think he lets it grow back when not required to wax it by productions. It’s good to have a spirit of exploration, surely?? 😉

      • I didnt know that -sadly i have never seen any Porter *sob* And yes, a spirit of exploration is always a good thing to have. I would certainly like to explore and conquer whatever is under that shirt! (I should stress that I am also a happily married woman – see what he does to us!?)

        • Oh, honey, you NEED to see Porter. Porter is uhm, uhm good. 😀 I like to remind myself that I am a red-blooded female still capable of appreciating a beautiful man (inside and out) and one who clearly has the Good Taste Gene. That’s something to feel good about!!

          • I will have to try and get Porter from somewhere. I do however finally have in my hot little hands series 7 of spooks. Have only watched the first episode (I’ve got a little carried away with S3 of Robin Hood at the moment) but now I completely understand all the hype over Lucas *thud*

      • When he was photographed between roles, there always was a little bit of hair in his collar. Judging from SB, what is on the breastbone is almost all he has. Maybe it gets more with age.

  5. I never had a complaint about his hairfree chesticles *cough*, but I must confess to now having an ever increasing fascination with that chest hair…so no, from another mild-mannered happily married woman, it’s not just you! 😉

  6. Here I am late to the party, having had a busy Monday morning. No, it should be obvious by now that you are not alone. While I do not now have a significant other, and while I try to be gracious and polite, I have seldom been described as “mild mannered”, you know perfectly well what Richard does to me. This little glimpse of the natural fur is just delicious, provoking all kinds of impulses to explore and more. Oh, if only… *twitching in a tenderly predatory way* I know he had to wax for Guy and Lucas, but we know he is not a wuss about doing what he must for a role. I am glad that he seems to go natural when he can.

  7. Mercy! The peekaboo chest hair is just another one of those things that keeps me constantly “on the edge” of my seat. A nice “smattering”…I think JAS said it when the Lego pic surfaced. Irresistibly delicious! I’ve also been pondering the scent thing of late…I like the idea of something green and subtle, yum,yum,yum…*ahem*

  8. *insert inhuman noise here* Just what I needed after four weeks of personal hell.
    I don’t know how he does it but he seems to get more delicious in every picture that turns up. And you are not the only one who wants to undo another button and then maybe another one 😉 And that is definitely a hint of chest hair on a very coy display here:-)

  9. I swear you do have some of the best picture of Richard out there and this one makes me even gladder that I’m single, he just needs to come my way. Also, would this mean that Harry was hairy?

    • Purely for the purposes of research of course, I’ve checked out what else Richard was doing in 2006 at the same time he played the role of Harry. I don’t believe we had the opportunity to see any hint of chest hair with Guy because of that mustard scarf thingy around his neck in series one of Robin Hood. However, and I’ve had to look really closely, in The Impressionists Claude Monet may have had a smattering of hair.
      Conclusion: Harry was hairy….mmmmm….I now have the image in my head of this charming, cheeky accountant…..with his glasses on….shirtless…. 😉

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