Some Blue Monday, RA-Style; Future Plans



It’s raining here . . . and it’s supposed to rain through the day and the night and tomorrow and tomorrow night and finally. maybe, taper off on Wednesday. Not surprisingly, we are under a flash flood watch. One of those times I am glad I live on a hill, Pecan Ridge, to be exact.

Pecan Ridge is also the name of our fledgling video production company. Yes, this is one of the other projects I’ve hinted about recently.

Benny has actually been making very professional-looking commercials for the car dealership for quite a while now, as well as producing videos for use in arts council productions and filming the productions themselves. He’s also done some other events–and he’s good at it. He says I am the creative one of the two of us, but that’s not true. He’s just modest, as well as smart and talented and adorable. Not that I am prejudiced or anything.

Now we are getting ready in the next few months to launch our own business with his (soon to be retired) co-worker, a fellow video enthusiast who has been filming a number of sporting events over the years and has helped Benny with a couple of his projects.

I will be learning Adobe Illustrator and more about the whole process of video editing, as well as doing some videography and shooting still photos at various events. And who knows? You all may benefit from what I learn. I might make a “real” RA fanvid! 😀 We’ll be creating a website for Pecan Ridge Productions later, too.

I will also be working on the children’s book. I have my notes taken and now I need to tackle putting the story in language a young child can grasp and find interesting.  And there’s my novel. Leigh, my beta and muse, and I have been talking about that again. Guy and Lizzie’s story must be told.  Nobody’s saying it’ll be a runaway best seller, but at least whatever I produce, I won’t be ashamed that I “sold out” along the way just to make a buck.

And, of course, I will be blogging. TAE will march onward!

And now, more of RA Blue Monday on this wet and stormy early Monday morn . . .







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  1. Wow! That all sounds very exciting and busy!

    Wishing you every success in the world and looking forward to progress reports.

    • Thanks so much, Bolly. Will certainly be filling you all in. Determined to make 2013 better than 2012 for us. Including not breaking/fracturing or bruising any more bones if possible! LOL

  2. Wow Angie! How exciting! Sounds like you have some amazing things about to happen and lots of irons in the fire. Wishing you and Benny every success in all your future exploits. (make sure you still keep some time to put your feet up and eat chocolate cake, Sir Guy can get mighty jealous and will smoulder like crazy if you don’t pay him enough attention!)

    • Sir Guy is never too far from my mind, trust me. I gave him a piece of Mr. fedoralady’s latest creation, rum cake, earlier, and it put him in a very happy mood. I think the cup of rum that went in it had something to do with it. 😉 Thanks so much for the good wishes! Oh, listen to that rain lash down again! Again, glad we live on a hill . . .

      • Oh I wish you could send some rain this way! It’s only rained once here in a month and before that it was about a week before christmas! You can imagine everything is dry, dead and dusty – having to leave containers of water out for the wildlife. It has been cooler at least but temps set to soar again towards the end of the week.

        • I wish I could send some, too. We are in a bit of a drought situation but this is going to be too much in too short a span of time. I fear some of the low-lying areas will be flooded. Benny may have to take the long way around to go to work even in the Jeep. I hope you get some liquid relief soon.

  3. Wow, congrats on all of your projects! We’ve had a ton of rain here! My sub-pump has been pumping off and on for 3 weeks. This Winter we’ve gotten out of our drought and now every time it rains the neighborhood yards flood! When I woke up and saw the wet patio, yuck! We don’t need the rain that’s predicted here! I wish I could send it to Bechep!

    • Thank you, Laurie! I guess it’s either rain or snow in abundance for us of late, depending on where you live in the eastern US. I bet between us we could really help out Bechep’s drought sitch!

  4. Good Luck with all your future projects Angie, I know you will go great. Look forward to see were you take Guy and Lizzie I love that story. Thank you for these beautiful “blue” pictures snowing & icy here again so they really warmed me up.

  5. *sigh* *snaffle, snaffle*

    Hooray for Pecan Ridge Productions! You’ve got a winner here and I’m thrilled it’s going forward. I can’t wait to be able to “like” it and follow you on fb.

    I am so glad you’re doing the children’s book on adoption. It’s needed and in your hands, it will be beautiful, too.

    Re. your novel, yes, check your e-mail tonight. I’m here when you need me.

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