Thorin celebrates Fat Tuesday



Well, he is the King, right? Party on, you badass dwarf!

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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    • The big party day ending the annual Mardi Gras celebration. Actually what Mardi Gras translates to in English, and you will note Mardi Gras is on fanart. I am guessing you have heard of Mardi Gras or Carnivale?

  1. Of course, but I thought it was celebrated in New Orleans? Is it nationwide these days?

    Whenyou say “Mardi Gras is on fanart”..what does that mean? Is “fanart” a particular type of website like Tumblr or something?

    • It is on the piece of fanart in the post. That’s what it’s called when you create or manipulate images of celebs/characters with photo-editing or by drawing or painting by hand. Sorry, I just assumed you’d know what I meant. As for Mardi Gras, yes, it is celebrated in New Orleans, but it was founded here in Alabama in Mobile and it is celebrated in spots around the country, particularly in areas with larger Catholic populations. I celebrate all holidays with the ChaRActers. 😉

  2. Here in Spain, we celebrate Carneval, the final Tuesday before Lent begins, although the celebration goes on longer than a day. Children and some grownups get dressed up in costumes for parties and parades. We bake or buy special treats for gifts. Traditionally, there are competitions presenting satirical musical acts, taking aim at topical targets including the government, the papacy, and the phone company, for example. The traditional colours for decorations are green for hope, violet for faith, and gold for charity.

    • Yes, the colors are the same here, although the meanings are slightly different. In the parades down in Mobile (which is a more family-friendly atmosphere than the celebration in New Orleans) a popular item tossed from the parade floats is the Moon Pie, a confectionary made in Tennessee, along with the traditional strands of glittery beads. A giant replica of a Moon Pie is dropped to mark the New Year now each year in Mobile. They also have a big pet parade in a local park with dogs dressed in costumes for the occasion. There are also King’s Cakes, which have a special token baked inside. The person who finds it becomes king or queen for the day.

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