You made me love you . . .



Another rainy day, difficulty getting warm, FMS aches and pains, had no incentive to get going, frankly. Ah, thundering yet again. Benny and I have been watching Ramsay Behind Bars and cuddling a bit. I can’t send you a cuddle (I do wish I could send you some sweet Benny hugs), but I can send you a bit of pre-Valentine’s Day pretty courtesy of Mr. A.





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  1. Hugs back to you! I have the mid winter blahs…hobbling around with a sprained knee courtesy of icy driveway …blah, blah, blah. Thanks for the lovely pick me up ;). Here’s to a better tomorrow!

    • Oh, heavens, I do not remember with fondness all the spills I took during my ten years of midwestern winters. Hope your knee is better soon. Glad I could cheer things up a bit. I hope to make it out of here tomorrow for the humane society meeting.

      • Sometimes a change of scene makes a big difference doesn’t it? I hope you feel we’ll enoughto get out for a bit. My knee is getting steadily better…I’m going to New York in 3 weeks and I’d really rather not be limping around Manhattan – plus, I have non-sensible shoes that I want to wear…priorities you know 🙂

        • Take care of that knee. I know from experience they can be somewhat fragile buggers. 😉 And just be sure once you get into those non-sensible shoes not to fall off them. I had a friend who had a family member who kept insisting one day she was going to “fall off her shoes.” And one day–she did. Broke her arm. We want you to stay intact, my friend! 😉 So you can have a lovely time in the Big Apple. Maybe RA will be back in town by then and you can run into him . . . never hurts to dream.

          • Believe me, I’ve already come to grips with the reality that I’ll only be able to wear the moderately non-sensible shoes for short periods of time (theater, etc) Like the “standing up dress,” there are definitely “sitting down” shoes in my collection, but my ridiculously non-sensible ones will not be making this trip – they’re peep toes anyway – too cold for those in March in NY 😉

            Running into RA – with my luck (and overall lack of grace) that would turn out to be literal encounter 😉 Given that I live in a town of 15,000 and I rarely run into people at the supermarket, I don’t like my odds – thank goodness for an active imagination 😀

    • Obscura, so sorry about your “storm damage”. Yes, here’s to a better tomorrow. I find that Richarding always helps, but you might also want to enlist able-bodied family to help you rather than risk further injury.

      • Thanks Leigh – I’ve been shamelessly using the 14 year old legs of my son to run up and down the stairs for me (my mother warned me that I would come to regret the basement laundry set up – I hate to admit when she’s right 🙂 )

  2. Angie, I hope you feel better. May the weather give you an even break for the humane society function and for Valentine’s Day. My furry little valentine is busy having his after-breakfast bath by my side. It’s frosty this morning, so I’ll wait to go out.

    I wonder if the Garland song is on YT. She sang it for Gable, but it’s a definite fit for Richard.

    • I really hope so; the chance of rain drops to 40 percent in the morning, which is the lowest it’s been this week. And then it’s supposed to drop off much colder tomorrow night. Thursday and Friday are supposed to be sunny, nice days. I would like to get out and do some walking again and I am sure the dogs will be glad not to have to hang out in the old cotton barn all day!

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