Holey-moley, He’s a Lollapalooza!: TAE Word for the Day


lollapalooza (noun): an extraordinary or unusual thing, person or event; an exceptional example or circumstance.

(Also the name of a certain giant rock tour here in the United States.)

Really, can we say Richard, our extraordinarily talented, unusually attractive, amazingly charismatic and exceptionally gentlemanly fellow, is truly a lollapalooza of a guy? I think so.



As a lollapalooza, Richard, you really do ROCK.


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  1. He’s certainly way out there on the high end of the curve, although I doubt I’d use “lollapalooza” in normal conversation. People would look at me strangely if I did.

    • It’s also very much an Americanism, although its actual origin is a bit misty (very early 20th century), so I doubt you’d bet much opportunity to use it in Spain, anyway. 😉 My great-niece asked for a Lala Loopsy doll for Christmas, which Benny and I kept calling Lallapalooza LOL So I laughed when I saw this word in my email the other day.

  2. Doesn’t that last pic make you want him to just grab a mike and belt out a good old rock song? 😉

    My 2 little grandies have La La Loopsy dolls (or whatever they’re called)! 🙂

    • I know he was talking to the audience in Tokyo but it just looks like he COULD be belting out a rocking tune (and we know he could if he wanted to)! And a little play on the fact the rock tour is called Lallapalooza. 😉

      Apparently there are a bunch of different La La Loopsy dolls, she’s got three or four of them. She’s also into Monster High Dolls (fashion dolls who are vamps, zombies, werewolves, etc.) I learned a lot about latest girlie toys from shopping for Christmas. 😉

      • My niece is into those Monster High Dolls! They are very strange. I don’t know about fangs on dolls for little girls. (Creepy!) Both sets of Grandparents refuse to buy them for her. However, my Brother and Sister-in-law must have purchased about 25 of them (with accessories of course)!

        • I saw those strange little dolls in Toys R Us when I was in CA last November and then in our Toys R Us after I came home – they are so weird!! My kids and I have decided our little girls aren’t getting those particular dollies (they’re 5 and 4). – well, not yet anyway! Hehe 😀

          Talking of Lallapalooza…wasn’t there an American boxer called Joe Palooza back in the 1940s or 1950s?

  3. Oh, blimey…just realized that I still haven’t changed my avi! Angie, do you have a really clear pic of Richard in his “Cats” days, by any chance? I know you’ve photoshop-elemented one!!

  4. He definately does rock. Thanks for these pics Angie needing warming up again. Sorry to sound like an old record but it’s snowing really hard again arghh!!!

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