Valentine’s Day with Mr. A & His ChaRActers


I am working on another post that’s taking me a while–it has nothing to do with romance or with RA, but I think you might find it of interest.  It’s both somewhat art and copy-heavy with some quotes and a tad of research thrown in, and my own personal experiences. As I said, it’s taking a while.  It’s a subject that’s been bouncing around in my brain for a considerable amount of time . . .

But it’s closing in on Thursday here, February 14, and that means Valentine’s Day, and thoughts of lovely Richard Armitage and his characters–the stalwart romantic hero, the beautiful bad boy who longs to be loved, the funny, shy accountant with the naughty side, the gentle giant who wins our hearts, the fierce alpha males with their softer, more tender sides–are not far away.  So let’s celebrate with some fanart and fanvids with a bit o’ of romance sweet and steamy.






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  1. You sure know how to make me feel better about Valentine’s Day. Great vids, both sweet and steamy, and lovely pictures. I’m having fun thinking about what flavours Thorin’s chocolates might be. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Oh, I am glad. I I didn’t make a new Valentine’s Day vid this year since I had some other things going on (and not feeling great) but I hoped the new fanart and some of the tried-and-true vids would do the trick. When I saw the scenario at Loonapix with the box of chocolates, I thought, “Instead of Thornton’s Chocolates, which I know do exist, why not THORIN’s choccies??” That would be fun to come up with some flavours. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! (I am going to be writing a little something later on about my sweet and funny Valentine, aka Master Baker and Snake Slayer Extraordinaire, Benny 😉 )

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