Happy Valentine’s Day, Richard, you adorable boy!










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    • No,can’t take credit, that’s a sketch effect you can do through Loonapix. I tried several but liked that one the best. You have to be very careful when drawing teeth–more suggesting them than drawing each one in– or they can look like a picket fence. The computer was doing odd things with RA;s teeth LOL

  1. Thanks, Angie, for all there wonderful valentines! What a beautiful way to start the day. You spread so much good feelung among your followers. Have a great day yourself, and may all your projects go well!

    • Thanks and you are welcome. đŸ˜€ I know many people aren’t keen on Valentine’s Day but if we focus not just on the romantic, but aspects of friendship and neighborliness and fun, too, we can all enjoy it!

  2. Happy (belated) valentines day! Thanks for spreading the RA love around. You make my and many others day a little bit brighter with your blog. And happy valentines to all the other RA fans out there- I’m glad to know you xxx

  3. Happy Valentine’s day! I really enjoyed the second video. The music is so lovely and soothing. And I need soothing after Valentine’s day with 20 kindergartners! Tomorrow ought to be exciting as well after they’ve consumed all of that sugar! TGI will be F!

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