John Standring, beautiful inside & out.


Took a short walk now that the rain is over, but the knees balked in those northwesterly winds. Still getting over that fall.  About to jump (well, step) into the shower and wash the mane.  It may have thinned out some, but there’s still a lot of hair on this head.

John Standring had quite the mop of unruly curls before his “Pretty Woman” makeover, but he was still gorgeous even then–a diamond who simply needed polishing up.  And he certainly cleaned up nicely, didn’t he?

Either way, Sweetie John–steadfast, caring, honest, kind, gentle– is a man who is beautiful inside and out. Kind of like someone else I know . . .








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  1. I agree with Judit. Carol was a disaster looking for a place to happen. Sure, she was a victim, damged severely. It’s all part of the Bronte-esque plot. Sweet John Standring deserved a lot better than Carol, but it didn’t serve the story. I think that’s why fanfic authors find John irresistible; many of them get rid of Carol fairly quickly.

    • I like to think that they could have made a go of it, that Carol could one day be able to move beyond the traumas of her past, but I can also fully understand why many fanfic authors do dispatch Carol by various means. There is this feeling that a man as good and true and steadfast as John did deserve better, someone who loved him completely and for himself and not as second best.

  2. He’s lovely, isn’t he? He did deserve better than Carol and the reality was that there was never going to be a happy ending but I still have a soft spot for fanfic in which the redemptive powers of John’s love turn Carol into the sort of partner he deserves. Big softy, me.

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