When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling . . .


Mr. Armitage, you just don’t know the magnitude of the joy, the pleasure, the sweetness that those smiles of yours can bring to our lives. Never stop smiling, never stop being–you. 93477029rixhxard






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  1. Love his smiles! They make me want to smile, and here I am with a nasty sinus cold, it’s raining and the river is rising, there’s no more tissues, there’s no word on various bureaucratic issues, and there’s no hot water unless I boil a pot on the stove. I need Richard’s smiles about now.

    • Oh, bless you! ((hugs)) I feel for you. My sinuses and sore knees (lovely bruises on the left one) have been bedeviling me. We had more rain overnight into the morning, but thankfully it seems to be clearing off now. I just felt the need for some RA sunshine and thought it wouldn’t go amiss to share it. 😀 I wish I could send you good news, hot water and a box of Posh Puffs, but since I can’t, I send RA and virtual hugs, my friend.

      • Thank you! ((hugs)) to you, too — the non-contagious kind. I just startled Lucky the Pirate King with a sudden sneeze. He is not at all sure about that.

        I hope your sinuses and the knees stop their devilment enough so that you can rest. I hope, too, that the weather clears.

        Many thanks for the RA sunshine. Good medicine that is.

          • Thank you! Today is worse, unfortunately, despite my fighting back as best I can. Now there’s a barking cough and a low-grade fever. Damn.

            • Oh poor you Leigh! Why does power and water only seem to go off when we most need it? Being cold and Ill is no fun. And sympathies on the knees Angie. All I have to complain about is that a mozzie must have shared my bed a couple of nights ago and I am covered in angry bites! My legs look like I have a pox so I wore long pants yesterday and resisted the urge to scratch.

              Back to RA. I just love him smiling best of all. Even more than smouldering I think.

              • Arggggh. I hate mosquitoes. Bane of existence in summer months here. I read they love pale, blue-eyed people and boy, do I fit that description! I’ve been bitten so badly it made me physically ill. 😦 My condolences, Bolly. Yes, as much as I love that smouldering, the smiles, the glorious, heart-felt, good-natured smiles melt me even more, I do think.

        • I used to terrify my cats with my sneezes, but I guess they’ve gotten used to me. It’s quite chilly today with a strong breeze, but at least no rain. I took a short walk, but my knee started acting up.

  2. He has the most gorgeous smile always a pick-me-up when I’m not feeling too well. My sister & brother-in-law bought me a S3 Guy tee-shirt and an RA desk calender for my birthday (amongst other things). My nephews bought me a Thorin coffee mug I had lots of lovely things but I have to say the RA prezzies were a real treat.

  3. Richard’s beautiful smile in the top picture is the main reason I chose it as the POD for my birthday over at RANet!! Of course the cardie and those thigh-hugging pants just added to the gorgeousness, plus with Thorin in the background it gave me a two-for-one! 😉 *sigh* I have to say he looks pretty stunning in all of these pictures. I particularly love the Apple Store closeup and the one below it! 😀 He looks so incredibly young in the NYC pic (and in many others) that I’m convinced he could easily take on the role of Richard III.

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