So, do you want to own a piece of ‘The Hobbit?’ It’s possible.


Fancy an Elvish sword? A spare pair of dwarf boots?

Because Amazon–which already offers pretty much everything else under the sun, including the kitchen sink–is now going to give you a chance to own Hobbit memorabilia, including costumes and props from the movie.

Amazon’s new Entertainment Collectibles Store will offer as many as 350,000 items from films, recordings and TV.  The items will come from Premiere Props in El Segundo, Calif.. According to the International Business Times, Premiere has sold props from more than 500 movies since 2001 and claims to be the number one online vendor for movie memorabilia.

(Thanks to Evie Bowman and Middle-earth News for the heads up)

Along with items from The Hobbit, the store will feature memorabilia from Star Wars and The Twilight Saga, Bradley Cooper’s running costume from Silver Linings Playbook and items from luminaries such as James Dean, The Beatles, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

Great. Something else Hobbit-y to tempt us to spend our money.

I actually bought several items at a props sale held after Honeydripper was shot here a few years ago. My brother-in-law, the man who has everything, was tickled pink to be presented with a decanter used by Mary Steenburgen in a scene from the film. I use the juice glasses I bought on a regular basis; there’s a small bookcase and one or two other things. It’s fun owning a few pieces of film history, especially for a film shot in your little hometown filled with places and people you know.

I’ve visited Amazon tonight to check out their movie memorabilia,, but haven’t been able to actually track down any Hobbit items as yet. I did find a pair of John Wayne’s cowboy gloves, going for a mere $35,000; a lovely gown worn by Emmy Rossum in the new Beautiful Creatures movie for $895 and a remote control used by Bradley Cooper’s character in Silver Linings Playbook offered for $495. Something tells me any Hobbit collectibles might be well out of my price range.


Still, it would be cool to have something . . .

Alas, I fear they won’t offer this. 


No, not the mini-Lego. That, I’ve got. The delectable dude holding it.

THAT’S what I want.

Unfortunately, I fear my dear, sweet spouse might draw the line there.  And anyway, he’s priceless, right?

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  1. I think it was Servetus who spotted an “Armitage on Sale at Amazon” ad. ; ) Of course, they were offering his work, not the real thing. Long ago, there was an MGM backlot store in San Francisco, and I really considered buying a costume, but the price was simply too dear for my budget — about two week’s worth of groceries. I did learn, however, that Lana Turner and I were about the same size.

    I think the souvenirs I would want would be the ones that Richard owns. *sigh*

    • Yeah, I think you are right. Hey, I remember Lana Turner saying she had the slimmest hips on the lot (and Greer Garson the widest 😉 ) so kudos to you! 😀

      I thought the same. I’d want the key to Erebor or Orcrist or something like that. Something held by Richard as Thorin. *double sigh*

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