More Thorin Thursday: RA interviewed by–potato? and more dwarf hotness


I overlooked this little nugget from the Japanese press junket for The Hobbit (as did Ali, apparently) and it’s so cute–it’s a must-see!







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  1. How adorable is he?! (and I’m sorry but what is with the potato?! How random) thanks for the extra helping of Thorin Thursday pics. I’m off to bed now for some sweet dreams…

  2. “Potato Time”. Priceless! Good thing the animation is added in after the fact – how could one keep a straight face with an animated (and headbanded) potato is hopping around? Where can I get the Richard Armitage “Travellers Guide to New Zealand”, and does it come in an audio version? 😉

    • It’s hilarious, isn’t it? Poor Richard would have surely been reduced to mass giggles if he’d seen Bandito Potito Potato hopping around. Which would have been entertaining in and of itself, of course LOL Oh, RA really should record that NZ travel book . . .

  3. This is so cute! I love the way these little gems keep turning up, especially now that Richard’s off the radar again (I’m happy for him that he is getting some respite from all the attention of the Hobbit publicity)

    • Yeah, apparently Ali posted it a while back and yet overlooked it LOL and then reposted as a “new” item. I knew I had never seen it before. You’d remember a talking potato.

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