Guyday Friday continues: Guy and Marian Vids, Art, GIFs



If only she’d had the Good Taste Gene. Or better sight and hearing. Or been smarter. Oh, if only.

Marian, you’d have been his queen. Cherished, adored and very, very loved-up.  If you know what I mean . . . so stop trying to kick his arse and start–appreciating it. If you know what I mean . . .






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  1. I know that in the legend, Maid Marian will always belong to Robin Hood. In this case, that seems like a terrible waste. I want to scream at her sometimes: If you don’t want the gorgeous, ardent, leather-clad knight, shove off and let the rest of us have a go.

    • Sadly, the legend we got this go round wasn’t very legendary. Now, if Richard had been playing Robin . . . *thud* But then we wouldn’t have had his gloriously smouldering, smirking, sexy-as-hell Gisborne. And yeah, it just seems like a big waste. RH didn’t deserve Marian’s devotion. He compared her to his bloody bow!! No wonder I decided to give him a fixation on it in “Dangerous to Know.” *evil laugh*

      I am quite sure many other wenches would have been very, very glad to take Marian’s place.

    • Series 3 Guy is still pining and suffering over Marion while Robin is off kissing not one, but two fair damsels – yeah, total devotion to the legend!

  2. LA ~ Lower Alabama and loves RA ~ I think we are cut of the same cloth lol. I am also from Alabama and yes, find our dear RA very endlessly inspiring as well. Inspired me show much so ~ I wrote a book/fanfiction 😉 If you are ever interested ~ here’s the link 🙂 Also have some great artists working on some pieces for it. Nice to meet you and love this page!

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