So Expressive: Guyday Friday





Thoughtful . . . with a hint of smoulder.


Alpha male intensity–verging on a smirk . . .


Crinkles and concern.  So irresistible.


Hopeful . . . questioning. *sigh*


Suspicious . . . yet ridiculously hot.


The smouldering smirk in the making.

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      • Sorry, still wretched, but determined to improve. Ribs aching from coughing. It’s raining heavily and the river is rising again. No hot water except what I can boil in the kettle. Power outages intermittent. But Lucky is fine, full of supper and sleeping now.

        • Oh, dear, not good. It’s taking a break from raining here after some heavy downpours and storms overnight and in the morning hours. Hope you get a break soon. Glad sweet little Lucky is doing well.

  1. WOW Angie these pics are gorgeous Guy is one beautiful Alpha male. Onto something different have you or any of the ladies read John Thornton – Look Back at Me by Loyal Winyard? Mrs Gaskell it isn’t but if you are looking for romance a little bit of sexytime and John Thornton (sigh-thud) check this out, it’s on Amazon. Happy Guyday

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