The Lighter Side: Guyday Friday


BeFunky_ariane179254_RobinHood_3x13_SomethingWorthFightingForPart2_0877Poor Guy can’t get any rest with Kate’s incessant squawking. And I am having no luck with the nap idea so far. Might as well send a little more Guy–the lighter side– your way this Guyday Friday. Enjoy! I’m gonna veg.


I don’t think he’d ever be unemployed in that line of work, do you?






Of course we know you were first, Sir Guy. Nobody can out-glam you, our dear Dark Knight.



Oh, come on, when he’s looking at you like that, what else can he expect??



Her time at the castle could have been so much more enjoyable.


BeFunky_RH3episode11_098 (2)e

The world-weary Hot Velveteen Henchman has seen it all.

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  1. Maybe it’s my ’80’s hair band roots, but I can never get enough of Glamour Guy – I LOVE all that hair! Can I get a hair flip mon cher?

  2. Indeed I have, somehow I seem to have poured the whole thing all over myself. And With all that caffeine Sir Guy you will be up all night!

  3. Sorry to intrude on this rather “intimate” exchange 😉

    . .but I can’t get your latest post to open, Angie (“Stage Beauty 2004”, etc.)

  4. For Kathryngaul, the translation is not an affront to anyone, but simply an amplification of agreement. Skippy in American refers to the gleeful act of skipping, although it is also a brand name for peanut butter.

    • Sort of like a more modern version of “you’re darned tootin’!” The phrase was also implemented frequently by one of the characters in a popular mystery series by American author Janet Evanovich.

      • Skippy in Australia refers to a kangaroo in a tv show! He helped solved crime and rescued people (think lassie with an Australian accent!)

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