Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Always my nominee for Best Actor



Year in, year out. For past, present and future performances, whether in roles large or small. In his case, there truly are no small roles, only small actors.  My Best Actor, because  his characters become flesh and blood to me, real, flawed, compelling human beings. Men of  many shades, light and dark, with whom I go on a journey of discovery. His performances inspire, provoke and encourage; they break my heart and make it sing.  Thank you, Richard Armitage.








He’s got the power.

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  1. I agree. I have never seen Richard give a poor performance. Even in small roles, he’s amazing. Each chaRActer is completely believable, fully developed, a distinct individual. Whether his work is ever recognized or not, his oeuvre to date is remarkable and yet only a taste of what’s to come.

    • He’s never just walked through a role and I don’t think he ever will. As I have said, that man’s got integrity. As I mentioned on Twitter, Alfred Hitchcock, while nominated, never won a “regular” Oscar and several of his movies are amongst my favorites (and Mr. A’s favorites, too). There are fine actors, directors, and other talents who never get that recognition through awards, and it’s not due to anything lacking in their work. As was also pointed out on Twitter, there’s a lot of politics involved in the whole Oscars rigmarole. Those most deserving may not win or even be nominated.

  2. Finally started to watch Strike Back and last night watched episode 2 last night and next Saturday the last episode. I just love John Porter. Wow!

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