Sunday SmoRgAsbord: The Way That I Want to Touch You



Those mesmerizing eyes, the tempting stubble I want to graze my fingertips against, the fringe falling across the forehead, begging to be smoothed back.


Hmmmm, that fringe is still tempting me. And the biceps. And the desire to stroke those hairy forearms.


Oh that tantalizing glimpse of swan-like throat and chest, and those snaps. *thud* Snaps were made to be unsnapped, right? And his little cowlick. So sexy and so cute all at the same time.


Oh, Thorin, I want to stroke your mustache, ruffle your beard and wrap your braids around my fingers, brush through your beautiful mane of hair for you.





Those chesticles. Mmmmm, mmmmm, good. And the big, strong, beautiful hand . . .

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  1. Oh, yes, he does make me want to touch in so many ways. Is it strange to want him to feel good about being wanted, to want him to feel joy in being touched?

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