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The clothes make the man even *more* magnificent. Thanks, Ilaria.



New York premiere

I’m tired. Didn’t sleep last night and haven’t napped any today. So I’m going to keep it simple and share just a few photos of Mr. A looking dashing, dazzling and delicious in his duds as styled by lovely and talented Ilaria Urbinati. Richard Armitage appeared relaxed, comfortable, stylish and confident throughout the grueling press junket and red carpet appearances.

By the way, I understand that Ilaria dressed no less than 21 celebs during  this week’s awards ceremonies madness, including Academy Award Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper and the lovely Nina Debrov of Vampire Diaries.


Today Show in NYC

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Tokyo premiere


Tokyo press junket


Toronto premiere


Cinemax 60 Second Interview

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London Royal Premiere


Wellington press conference

BeFunky_187663415dddddRoots Bookstore in Toronto.


Q&A session in London

Thorin & Company making moola for Lego; Mini Dwarves not surprised


(“moola” being a slang term for money)

In the midst of a recession, it seems that Lego’s profits are up 25 percent and sales up 15.5 percent compared to the previous year. And Thorin and Company can take credit for a portion of those increased sales and profits.

According to masslive.com, the Danish company is attributing the impressive increases to new lines such as girl-oriented Lego Friends and the popular The Hobbit items.

Lego CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp said in the company’s annual financial statement, “This is due, first and foremost, to the fact we were able to develop and launch products that children all over the world have put at the tops of their wish lists in 2012.”

Children? Well, sure. But quite a few adults, too.  How can we resist?  Look at all they offer those of us who are only young at heart . . .

(thank you to Evie Bowman and Middle-earth News for heads up)




And their real-life doppelgangers love them, too!



Tami, you’ve got one heck of a consolation prize.


Sadly, The Hobbit did not take home any trophies from the Academy Awards. I was particularly pulling for Tami Lane, the makeup artist who transformed RA into Thorin each day, not to mention all the other actors for whom she performed stellar makeup magic.

Ah well, two more films, more opportunities.

However, I think Tami is already a winner and in a big way.  She’s earned the admiration of millions of fans around the world for her work. Not only that,  she seems to have won the true friendship of one amazingly talented, kind, generous, warm-hearted and absolutely gorgeous actor turned bad-ass dwarf named Richard Armitage.

I’d say that was made of “winning,” wouldn’t you?  (And she gets to do more bonding with him starting in May! Lucky girl.)

She’s already got one Oscar on her shelf.

While gold statuettes make good door stops or book ends, they DON’T give you big, cuddly hugs like this.



Why do you think she’s smiling so gleefully?!